Monday, July 14, 2014

Lugo Cathedral and Stadium

Hey Family!

We had a really good week this week! Things have picked up really well! 

Members are doing really well on helping us. I had more member present lessons this week in a branch of 20 than I did in a ward of 120. So that's pretty cool.

On Tuesday, we went to a city on the outside of Lugo to visit a less active and he's super cool only he can't come because of work. But he's strong on testimony. We are going to visit him this Saturday and he has a friend who owns a doner kabab restaurant so he is going to teach us how to make the sauce. I'm pretty excited. I could then open my own kebab in Utah:P Then we met with our super cool investigator, Margarita. She is most likely getting baptized in 2 weeks so we are working hard towards that goal. She is super cool! She loves to share the gospel with her friends! She got us 4 references this week and 4 new investigators. One of them being a super solid family from Colombia. Can't wait until she is a member. We also met with Oti and her member friend this week. We talked about baptism and the holy ghost and it was a really good lesson. She's just not sure if she wants to settle on just one church so we re-enforced the Book of Mormon and the importance of it. 

On Thursday, our branch president went out with us and it was a super good day. One of the lessons was with Margarita. Then after that we went and passed by some of the female investigators we have so that way if they answered we could go in the house. We had a lot of success with that.

Friday, we went and did the same thing. We went to the hospital to visit one of Margarita's friends who got his foot cut off because of diabetes. So we went to comfort him and pray with him. It was a really good experience. Then we met with Margarita's other friend, the family, and we had a super great lesson with them. They have gone around to all the other churches and didn't feel it. So they are giving us a chance and so we are excited! They were going to come to church but then Sunday morning the mom woke up with an allergic reaction so they couldn't come.

Saturday, we were finally able to meet with a reference that we got from She had one of our cards and decided she wanted to meet with us and she is super cool! From Brazil and has a super heavy accent so it's pretty cool and she goes to an evangelist church but just for tradition. She said she just goes for something spiritual but she doesn't feel like it's the one church. She's excited to meet with us, and we're excited too.

This week just played out super well. Tons of help from members and from Margarita. We're super thankful for it. It was a week full of miracle new investigators. 

Hope everyone had a good week. Congrats to Sean and Chad for the big win yesterday. After Spain got kicked out, I was going for Germany. 

Take care. LOVE YOU ALL!

-Elder Stevenson

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