Monday, September 30, 2013

Another good week, P-day at Segovia

Segovia, Spain

Hola Familia!

This has been a very good week! but crazy!


The beginning of the week was normal. We have just been meeting with our investigators and less active members, and contacting old investigators because other missionaries would take trips out here. While doing that we were able to find a lady just through asking what street it was. We are teaching her again today. She is a great person and has two kids, so that will be nice.


We also started teaching Miguel's kids. They are nine year old twins and remind me of Spanish Jakob and Hyrums. They are super cool kids! Miguel is doing well. We teach him more and more and are praying for a baptismal date!! He is so prepared! 

Then I went on companion exchanges and because of the living/travel situation, it was for 3 days. I was with Elder Weeks, who was in my district at the MTC, it was so fun having two new guys together! It went really well though. We started out with a food appointment, a 10 year old kid was there and we were able to teach him. Then 2 of the Elders in our ward had a baptism. We were helping them out by printing the programs, and we were running a little late. We got a call that President Jackson is there so we take off in a full sprint through the streets of Madrid all the way from the PWC building to the chapel like 2 miles away! But we made good time and got the baptism started. Super crazy!
The next day, we played soccer with investigators and that was super fun but then it starts pouring rain and hasn't stopped for the past three days! Good thing I at least have a sweater and umbrella!

Then, I went back to Majadahonda and we did a lot of contacting. Apparently people don't think we will talk to them if they yell "¡Hola Mormones!" but then they end up getting taught a lesson. It's pretty fun. Also on the bus, there was a man who asked what we were doing in Spain and so we told him that we teach people about our religion. He said, "Well teach me then." We went through an entire lesson. He just looked at us and said, "You don't really believe that." I bore my testimony as hard as I could in my bad Spanish and everything changed. We got his info but he was only visiting Majadahonda. But still a really cool experience.
Segovia, Spain
Today, we went out to Segovia which is this super sick town on the other side of the mountains. They have castles and this super huge cathedral! We even got to do a tour of the castle. That was super sick! Google it, I would send pictures but once again no card reader on this computer.
Alcazar Castle
This week should be nice. We go to the temple on Wednesday and then this week end is General Conference! Should be a great week! But after conference we have to change our schedule.   :(    So with the culture of Spain, we wake up at 7:30 and go to bed at 11:30 during the summer but now we have to get up 30 minutes earlier. But its all good. Have a great week. I love you all and enjoy conference!

Elder Stevenson

Segovia Cathedral

Capilla Jeronimo de Carrion

Roman Aguaduct-Segovia

Castillo de Coca, Segovia, Spain





Monday, September 23, 2013

Maja Fiesta

Hola Familia!

This week has gone very well! Lots of great stories!

We still haven't moved into our piso but we found a better bus to take out there that gets there faster. The work picked up this week. We have been walking around to all of our old investigators, pisos of people other missionaries have gotten references of, and we got new investigators! One by people who were willing to listen and others we found on the street on the way there! We found 2 people who were members in Peru but when they moved to Spain didnt know where the church was! Now they know! 

Two of the investigators we have were old and they had set a lesson with the missionaries but when the missionaries showed up they weren't there and so the missionaries dropped them because it wasn't their area. We were able to meet with them and they are doing really well! Progressing well and gaining a testimony.

Manuel he is gaining a huge testimony and asks some of the most amazing questions. One of them leading to an hour talking about baptism but it didn't feel right to ask him to be baptized yet but soon. I have to rely on the spirit. 

We also contacted this man, Fernando and he rejected us but then a few days later we got a call from him. He said, "I just got an impression that Jesus Christ is real and I dont know why but my head was telling me to call you. Meet with me tonight. As you can imagine our jaws were on the floor. We met with him and he was so excited about what we told him and loves the Book of Mormon. And yes, it was the English copy he speaks English!! I talk a lot with him. But we also met with him yesterday and he isn't to sure about joining the church because in Spain it's more popular to be Catholic. But he says he knows the Book of Mormon is true so we are working hard with him.

I went on companion exchanges with a Spanish native with 2 days left of his mission. So you can imagine how hard he works. We got three new investigators in 1 hour it was amazing.

Also in Majadahonda they had a fiesta this week. There were bull fights and runs. This weekend it was pretty insane.


Well, that has been my week. Sounds like you had a fun vacation. Mom, do you know the status of the package because the mission office doesn't have it yet. Just was wondering, I think the MTC may have it. Have a great week. Wish Jed luck for me and I think Jacob Cullem leaves this week as well so him too.
 Love you all!!
-Elder Stevenson


Monday, September 16, 2013


Hello World!

I forgot to talk about some things last week so that comes first. Elder Gillam is from Tehachapi, CA. Its in Bakersfield area. He's 20, plays tennis, and has served up north a lot. He's been out for 1 & 1/2 years. Great man super funny.

    Sean I had Doner Kebabs! They are really good. Don't freak out too hard :P They have them every block.

Kent there is a huge PWC building that I see every day! Coming to Spain soon?

OK This week, first. I have an exclamation mark!!!!!!! ha! ha! This has been a crazy week! Here we go!

I got some stomach bug thing so I was sick like all week. Don't worry I got better. Crazy Spanish drugs. But even though I was not well, we still worked just as hard.

We are teaching those three people right now and they are progressing. I hope all goes well. A lot of this week was lessons in the street. We taught Emilio but he doesnt live in Maja so that sucked.  Then Elder Gillam left his planner on a bench after another lesson and when we came back a girl had found it. And we were able to teach her and get her reference. I know things will go well with her. We also have met a lot of new people because of searching for old investigators. We also found a lady that was baptized 10 years ago then moved and lost contact with the church. We found her because we were looking for a street of an old investigator. It has really been amazing! We just wish we had more investigators but when it's a new area it doesn't start out with people. So soon we will.

We finally found a piso like 20 minutes ago! It is absolutly perfect! I'm super excited! Instead of hours of travel it's 30 seconds!! It has AC and heating! Speaking of which Dad I need to buy a coat soon so heads up! But yeah, it rained this week and was like 50 and I didnt have a coat! This California boy was freezing!

Dad I love your missionary stories, keep up the great work! Honestly not being afraid and just doing it. Is what we all need to do!

We had a special fireside Saturday morning with Elder Ballard, yes
the Elder Ballard!!!, We got to shake his hand and he spoke with the 3 Madrid zones and MTC missionaries. He talked about the importance of the work and "what am I supossed to do" from Hyrum Smith in D&C 11. He also talked about why he works so hard at 85 and its because he understands Gethsemane. He carries a picture of the Savior in his wallet to push him along in the work. I suggest we all should do it too. It's great advise from an apostle of the Lord.

Today we went to Toledo and checked out castles and swords. I have a sick picture in chainmeil and a helmet and sword but this computer doesnt have a sd card thing so next week. It was a super cool p-day.

Well, I should go soon. Tell all of my friends I love them and miss them. Same with the nieces and nephews. I love hearing their stories and how they miss me. Tell Ariela, I got her letter and that her wax seal was super sweet and I'm working on the response. Well have a great week todos personas! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Stevenson

Monday, September 9, 2013

Week One!


Elder Rasmussen, Hermano Larrea , Elder Stevenson 
Hello family!
This week is going well. As the letter from Sister Jackson said, I'm in Majadahonda (ma-ha-duh-ohn-duh) a small suburb to Madrid.  It's a brand new area so that's really cool. We are trying to find a piso [tr. -floor-we're guessing it means the same as flat/apartment in English] there right now because the one we had fell through for some reason. Bummer. But it's all good. Right  now we live in Mostoles an hour thirty minutes away. As you can tell, it's super difficult because of travel. We live in this huge piso though, it' s crazy!
Majadahonda #23, Mostoles #19
Our first day there, we made a ton of calls to members and one was actually a less active who told us to come over. Her husband and friend who are not members were there and we taught them. We taught them again last night and they feed us paella. Their names are Paul, Manuel, and Gretel. Very cool people. Paul doesn't believe in God so he won't do any of the challenges. But Manuel is great. We taught them the restoration and the spirit was super strong. 
We do a lot of contacting also and lessons in the street but its difficult setting up another lesson because they are not free until 9ish and we have to be back to our piso by 10. So its tough until we live there.
We have also met with the members a lot. They feed us since we can't go back to the piso for food. Which I feel bad about because there are 3 members and so its the same people. My first meal was a real authentic spanish meal... jk it was schnitzel (paillard in Spanish) so I was pretty happy about that. We actually had it twice so I guess it's common in Spain too.
The Spanish is going well but its super difficult to understand people because they speak so fast and I olny know gospel Spanish and not much regular everyday stuff. But I will get it soon. But I did get to teach some English classes which I am good at, so that was cool.
So mom with the package. Thanks but don't send more. If it's over 20 dollars, I have to pay to pick it up and it can sometimes cost hundreds lucky it was only  11 C. But I also had to travel 2 hours to get it and then they couldn't even give it to me. They are sending it to the MTC so I have to wait 5 weeks when the mission home has it. For Christmas and my b day just put money on the card. I got money out because I didn't know what would go on with the package.
Sounds like you had a good week with Disneyland, the temple, and the concert. And Dad you were right they don't have the new video here yet, in 2014 they will.
Well have a great week. I love you all. I am doing great and can't wait to put a ward in this area. Love you (there's no exclamation mark but if there was many would go here.)
Elder Stevenson
Photos- These were sent by Hermano Larrea- they're from them MTC-

in the classroom


Singing at the temple

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some of the most beautiful days

August 29, 2013
Buenos Dias
Another great day here in España! Yesterday and today were some of the most beautiful days ever. There is a storm coming in later today so there have been tons of clouds causing for amazing views. I will try and send pics but we have a busy p day today. Getting ready to go into the field Tuesday!!!! I'm sending a letter and hoping it gets home by Tuesday with a full experience of the CCM.
Well, here is my week. Today at the temple was very nice. Sad its the last one for six weeks instead of every week but better then Barcelona or Malaga. Went through in all Spanish again it was very nice.
found a black and white setting, here's the metro
we take to the  park
This week in the park was super cool. One of the first guys I talked to his name is Justo. He is from Philippines but speaks Spanish y [and] English so we were able to talk to him. He had met elders before but we shared another message and then told he me he wants to be taught more by me! So I have all of his contact info and I'm going to see if President Jackson will let me teach him. I hope I can he was such a great man. Plus he is one of the 30% unemployed so he really needs this in his life right now. The rest of the time in the park not much happened but I am grateful for Justo.
We had a pretty great Sunday. I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish which was very cool and we saw some cool devotionals. Elder Holland's "You better not go home" and a senior couple working at the temple talked about their other mission in Peru. Very cool stories.
This week with our investigators was amazing! Both accepted baptism and are being ´´baptized´´ this Saturday. One was easy but the other was tough. After she went to church said she loved it and needed it in her life. We also got to teach a 21 year old girl from our teacher's ward. We taught her the first vision and it was very spiritual.

We made a hammock. Super Fun & Funny.
the Spanish Elders loved it.

So fun story. There is an Hermana Hasset here and she is from Ohio and so wondering i asked where in Ohio and YUP! Centerville! She knows the Fish´s!!!! I was freaking out when she said it. And it was on a bus when it happened so I did get some funky looks. Super small world though! Also Elder Rasmussen used to train at a CrossFit [in St. George, UT]and when I told him about Uncle Brian, he recognized him!! Tell Brian he was at CrossFit 22.

We get to play a lot of games in class it's pretty cool. It's fun using all of the Spanish we have learned.
We are also getting really good at Spanish because of the Spanish natives. They teach us Spanish we teach English. Fair trade.
There are some Portuguese kids visiting here to attend the temple. We got to play volleyball with them and they straight loved us. It was really cool. There is one kid doing all of the baptisms for his mom and dads side. Way cool! He's our hero. We also got to sing some songs to them, it was very nice.
Well that has been my week. 4 days left!! Way excited can't wait! Have a great week. Love you all and mom go to bed! I'm sitting here writing and emails start popping up :P  I heard I get to write Monday, so stay tuned. ¡Hasta Luego!
Elder Stevenson (the favorite son on a mission)

in case you missed my face, here's a selfie

More Photos from the week!
the girl in the center is the one who knows Marshall
one of my best friends- Elder Mathews

Monday, September 2, 2013

Final Day at the Madrid MTC and Majadahonda-Madrid

So not much time to email but I printed your letters and will read them. Tell Kayla and Rebecca I got their letters today and say thanks.
We leave tomorrow at 7 go to the mission home for orientation and lunch. Then we come back here for our new area and companion. 10 missionaries are going to the Canaries!!! Crazy! We met President Jackson yesterday, great man! Can not wait but I will miss Elder Rasmussen. So many tears have been shed the past few days. These people are my family and I love them.
We have just been doing a ton of final things. All of my stuff is packed and everything is just empty. It's super weird. I want to talk about the weekend but I don't have much time so I will share one quick story.
Saturday morning I did personal study in Ether 12,  talking about miracles and faith. We had a tough day in the park but the last man on the metro took a book. And said he would read the entire thing because he felt something different when we started talking to him. Very cool experience this week.
I love you and will message next Monday with my new area, companion and first week in the field. love you!!!!!!
I get a little more time!!
Yesterday we had a good Sunday. We got to have a little MTC talent show and watch the Joseph Smith movie. Then we had a fireside about talents and a family shared some very cool violin and cello talents, very pretty sounding. We also sang on the steps for the last time. It was very sad but we sounded great! Not much has happened other than that. It's only been a few days from the last e mail. I will try and send some pics. Love you and  may be able to say where I am tomorrow, I really hope so if not you get to wait a week but it will be good. love you!!!
Love Elder Stevenson

Aug 18th singing at the Madrid Temple. Bryce is in the top row about the center of the row.

story: Elder Rasmussen and I were contacting in the park
and we find a gutter full of gatitos (kittens)- insane    = )

Received this letter and email today:

Aug. 29, 2013

Hola Familia!
Here is my full experience at the CCM! I'm so glad I came here instead of Provo. Smaller group and cooler experiences. I have made many great friends. Some I will be friends with for a long time. I also loved going to the park. So many great memories made there. I will always remember the people I met there. I really hope they find the gospel. Even though I only had a 10-20 minute conversation with them, I care about them. They were great people. I really hope Justo takes the discussions, I can see him being baptized.

I really loved the steps too. It was great to see the joy on people's faces as we sang. I will miss it but I hope to be able to watch other missionaries some day. There is housing across the street for Elders, it would be great.

The Española! I knew NOTHING when I got here! But we were enveloped in it so I had to learn. Elder Rasmussen would lead the lessons at first but I just started talking more & it just came to me. The Gift of Tongues is way real and way awesome. I just can't wait for the field which will probably be the day you get this. My testimony has grown so much.

"Yo se que el evagelio es verdad. Dios es Nuestro Padre Celestial. El nos ama. Yo se Jesochristo es nuestro Salvador Y mediante su gracia nostro podemos regresar tu vibion con su. Yo se Jose' Smith es on profeta de Dios y primera visio'n es verdad. Yo se, con todo mi Corazon, el Libro de Mormon es la palabra de dios verdad."


I know that the gospel is true. God is our Eternal Father. He loves us. I know Jesus Christ is our savior and through his grace we can return to live with him. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and the first vision is true. I know with all of my heart, the Book of Mormon is the true word of God.

I love you all so much. You raised me well. So glad I have such wonderful parents. Love you.

Elder Bryce Stevenson

Sept 5, 2013
Dear Parents of Elder Stevenson,

We received your son into our mission Tuesday morning. We brought him to the Mission Home and fed him lunch. We gave him an overview of the mission and some of the rules and expectations, and spent most of the day with him. He was excited, and seemed ready to get to work. 

Later that afternoon, we had a meeting at the Stake Center in Madrid on Temple Square, and met with his trainer to discuss the new 12 week training program. During this 12 week period, your son will have an extra hour of companion study each day, and will be given specific things that he must report to the Mission President. We know that this is an inspired program, and will help to make missionaries better teachers and better followers of Christ. Please encourage your son in this program. It will help him develop tools that will help him to have a successful mission, and a more successful and fulfilling life after his mission. 
Elder Stevenson has been assigned to the Madrid area in Majadahonda, to serve with Elder Gillam, who is from California. Elder Gillam is a happy, obedient missionary, who will be a good first companion for your son. 

Our Preparation Day is on Monday. Elder Stevenson is instructed to email his immediate family every week. We look forward to getting to know him and working along side him in this great work here in the Spain, Madrid Mission. We can tell he will be a great missionary. Thank you for sharing him with us! We already love him.

President and Sister Jackson