Monday, September 23, 2013

Maja Fiesta

Hola Familia!

This week has gone very well! Lots of great stories!

We still haven't moved into our piso but we found a better bus to take out there that gets there faster. The work picked up this week. We have been walking around to all of our old investigators, pisos of people other missionaries have gotten references of, and we got new investigators! One by people who were willing to listen and others we found on the street on the way there! We found 2 people who were members in Peru but when they moved to Spain didnt know where the church was! Now they know! 

Two of the investigators we have were old and they had set a lesson with the missionaries but when the missionaries showed up they weren't there and so the missionaries dropped them because it wasn't their area. We were able to meet with them and they are doing really well! Progressing well and gaining a testimony.

Manuel he is gaining a huge testimony and asks some of the most amazing questions. One of them leading to an hour talking about baptism but it didn't feel right to ask him to be baptized yet but soon. I have to rely on the spirit. 

We also contacted this man, Fernando and he rejected us but then a few days later we got a call from him. He said, "I just got an impression that Jesus Christ is real and I dont know why but my head was telling me to call you. Meet with me tonight. As you can imagine our jaws were on the floor. We met with him and he was so excited about what we told him and loves the Book of Mormon. And yes, it was the English copy he speaks English!! I talk a lot with him. But we also met with him yesterday and he isn't to sure about joining the church because in Spain it's more popular to be Catholic. But he says he knows the Book of Mormon is true so we are working hard with him.

I went on companion exchanges with a Spanish native with 2 days left of his mission. So you can imagine how hard he works. We got three new investigators in 1 hour it was amazing.

Also in Majadahonda they had a fiesta this week. There were bull fights and runs. This weekend it was pretty insane.


Well, that has been my week. Sounds like you had a fun vacation. Mom, do you know the status of the package because the mission office doesn't have it yet. Just was wondering, I think the MTC may have it. Have a great week. Wish Jed luck for me and I think Jacob Cullem leaves this week as well so him too.
 Love you all!!
-Elder Stevenson


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