Monday, September 16, 2013


Hello World!

I forgot to talk about some things last week so that comes first. Elder Gillam is from Tehachapi, CA. Its in Bakersfield area. He's 20, plays tennis, and has served up north a lot. He's been out for 1 & 1/2 years. Great man super funny.

    Sean I had Doner Kebabs! They are really good. Don't freak out too hard :P They have them every block.

Kent there is a huge PWC building that I see every day! Coming to Spain soon?

OK This week, first. I have an exclamation mark!!!!!!! ha! ha! This has been a crazy week! Here we go!

I got some stomach bug thing so I was sick like all week. Don't worry I got better. Crazy Spanish drugs. But even though I was not well, we still worked just as hard.

We are teaching those three people right now and they are progressing. I hope all goes well. A lot of this week was lessons in the street. We taught Emilio but he doesnt live in Maja so that sucked.  Then Elder Gillam left his planner on a bench after another lesson and when we came back a girl had found it. And we were able to teach her and get her reference. I know things will go well with her. We also have met a lot of new people because of searching for old investigators. We also found a lady that was baptized 10 years ago then moved and lost contact with the church. We found her because we were looking for a street of an old investigator. It has really been amazing! We just wish we had more investigators but when it's a new area it doesn't start out with people. So soon we will.

We finally found a piso like 20 minutes ago! It is absolutly perfect! I'm super excited! Instead of hours of travel it's 30 seconds!! It has AC and heating! Speaking of which Dad I need to buy a coat soon so heads up! But yeah, it rained this week and was like 50 and I didnt have a coat! This California boy was freezing!

Dad I love your missionary stories, keep up the great work! Honestly not being afraid and just doing it. Is what we all need to do!

We had a special fireside Saturday morning with Elder Ballard, yes
the Elder Ballard!!!, We got to shake his hand and he spoke with the 3 Madrid zones and MTC missionaries. He talked about the importance of the work and "what am I supossed to do" from Hyrum Smith in D&C 11. He also talked about why he works so hard at 85 and its because he understands Gethsemane. He carries a picture of the Savior in his wallet to push him along in the work. I suggest we all should do it too. It's great advise from an apostle of the Lord.

Today we went to Toledo and checked out castles and swords. I have a sick picture in chainmeil and a helmet and sword but this computer doesnt have a sd card thing so next week. It was a super cool p-day.

Well, I should go soon. Tell all of my friends I love them and miss them. Same with the nieces and nephews. I love hearing their stories and how they miss me. Tell Ariela, I got her letter and that her wax seal was super sweet and I'm working on the response. Well have a great week todos personas! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Stevenson

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