Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some of the most beautiful days

August 29, 2013
Buenos Dias
Another great day here in España! Yesterday and today were some of the most beautiful days ever. There is a storm coming in later today so there have been tons of clouds causing for amazing views. I will try and send pics but we have a busy p day today. Getting ready to go into the field Tuesday!!!! I'm sending a letter and hoping it gets home by Tuesday with a full experience of the CCM.
Well, here is my week. Today at the temple was very nice. Sad its the last one for six weeks instead of every week but better then Barcelona or Malaga. Went through in all Spanish again it was very nice.
found a black and white setting, here's the metro
we take to the  park
This week in the park was super cool. One of the first guys I talked to his name is Justo. He is from Philippines but speaks Spanish y [and] English so we were able to talk to him. He had met elders before but we shared another message and then told he me he wants to be taught more by me! So I have all of his contact info and I'm going to see if President Jackson will let me teach him. I hope I can he was such a great man. Plus he is one of the 30% unemployed so he really needs this in his life right now. The rest of the time in the park not much happened but I am grateful for Justo.
We had a pretty great Sunday. I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish which was very cool and we saw some cool devotionals. Elder Holland's "You better not go home" and a senior couple working at the temple talked about their other mission in Peru. Very cool stories.
This week with our investigators was amazing! Both accepted baptism and are being ´´baptized´´ this Saturday. One was easy but the other was tough. After she went to church said she loved it and needed it in her life. We also got to teach a 21 year old girl from our teacher's ward. We taught her the first vision and it was very spiritual.

We made a hammock. Super Fun & Funny.
the Spanish Elders loved it.

So fun story. There is an Hermana Hasset here and she is from Ohio and so wondering i asked where in Ohio and YUP! Centerville! She knows the Fish´s!!!! I was freaking out when she said it. And it was on a bus when it happened so I did get some funky looks. Super small world though! Also Elder Rasmussen used to train at a CrossFit [in St. George, UT]and when I told him about Uncle Brian, he recognized him!! Tell Brian he was at CrossFit 22.

We get to play a lot of games in class it's pretty cool. It's fun using all of the Spanish we have learned.
We are also getting really good at Spanish because of the Spanish natives. They teach us Spanish we teach English. Fair trade.
There are some Portuguese kids visiting here to attend the temple. We got to play volleyball with them and they straight loved us. It was really cool. There is one kid doing all of the baptisms for his mom and dads side. Way cool! He's our hero. We also got to sing some songs to them, it was very nice.
Well that has been my week. 4 days left!! Way excited can't wait! Have a great week. Love you all and mom go to bed! I'm sitting here writing and emails start popping up :P  I heard I get to write Monday, so stay tuned. ¡Hasta Luego!
Elder Stevenson (the favorite son on a mission)

in case you missed my face, here's a selfie

More Photos from the week!
the girl in the center is the one who knows Marshall
one of my best friends- Elder Mathews

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