Monday, September 9, 2013

Week One!


Elder Rasmussen, Hermano Larrea , Elder Stevenson 
Hello family!
This week is going well. As the letter from Sister Jackson said, I'm in Majadahonda (ma-ha-duh-ohn-duh) a small suburb to Madrid.  It's a brand new area so that's really cool. We are trying to find a piso [tr. -floor-we're guessing it means the same as flat/apartment in English] there right now because the one we had fell through for some reason. Bummer. But it's all good. Right  now we live in Mostoles an hour thirty minutes away. As you can tell, it's super difficult because of travel. We live in this huge piso though, it' s crazy!
Majadahonda #23, Mostoles #19
Our first day there, we made a ton of calls to members and one was actually a less active who told us to come over. Her husband and friend who are not members were there and we taught them. We taught them again last night and they feed us paella. Their names are Paul, Manuel, and Gretel. Very cool people. Paul doesn't believe in God so he won't do any of the challenges. But Manuel is great. We taught them the restoration and the spirit was super strong. 
We do a lot of contacting also and lessons in the street but its difficult setting up another lesson because they are not free until 9ish and we have to be back to our piso by 10. So its tough until we live there.
We have also met with the members a lot. They feed us since we can't go back to the piso for food. Which I feel bad about because there are 3 members and so its the same people. My first meal was a real authentic spanish meal... jk it was schnitzel (paillard in Spanish) so I was pretty happy about that. We actually had it twice so I guess it's common in Spain too.
The Spanish is going well but its super difficult to understand people because they speak so fast and I olny know gospel Spanish and not much regular everyday stuff. But I will get it soon. But I did get to teach some English classes which I am good at, so that was cool.
So mom with the package. Thanks but don't send more. If it's over 20 dollars, I have to pay to pick it up and it can sometimes cost hundreds lucky it was only  11 C. But I also had to travel 2 hours to get it and then they couldn't even give it to me. They are sending it to the MTC so I have to wait 5 weeks when the mission home has it. For Christmas and my b day just put money on the card. I got money out because I didn't know what would go on with the package.
Sounds like you had a good week with Disneyland, the temple, and the concert. And Dad you were right they don't have the new video here yet, in 2014 they will.
Well have a great week. I love you all. I am doing great and can't wait to put a ward in this area. Love you (there's no exclamation mark but if there was many would go here.)
Elder Stevenson
Photos- These were sent by Hermano Larrea- they're from them MTC-

in the classroom


Singing at the temple

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