Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a White Thanksgiving

Yep! We woke up Thursday and there was snow on the roof across the street and in the streets! Super weird!!

This week has probably been my favorite so far. I love my companion and this area! We work super hard, see miracles, but have fun!

On Monday, I got shown around the area a little bit and we did some contacting. So many people stop! It's so nice. Good first day.

On Tuesday, we have about 40 people, references, that have not yet been contacted from old missionaries. So we made it a goal to get them contacted. We went by the houses that we didn't have a phone number to. We also went and watched The Testaments with a less active and had pop corn. It was a super great lesson. She just works Sunday so it's difficult for her to get to church. Then we taught a lady who has 2 sons on missions in Barcelona but she isn't a member! So we taught her the restoration and it was a great lession then she seriously gave us a ton of food. It was insane! 

We had a great Wednesday. We had district meeting and we have a super great district, tons of great missionaries! One of the sisters is from Switzerland and so I spoke some German with her. Then we did some more of those pass bys and contacted 7 new people. 

Then Thanksgiving! We bought turkey legs from the store on Monday and cooked those up. Super good tasting! We were very surprised that we pulled it off. Then we passed by more and recieved so many blessings everytime we knocked a door. The old person didn't live there but we got the reference of the new one! Then we were able the have a lesson with one of them right there in her door. It was a huge miracle to be grateful for.

Friday, we had set big goals for lessons and we really felt like it would happen and we were blessed. We met with a lady named Stephanie. Her boy friend is a member! We taught the restoration and then went for a baptism date. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had. The spirit was so strong during the lesson and was telling me so strongly to ask her to be baptized. She didnt want a date but she agreed to baptism and so we will set one up next week. Super great blessing. We then had a Family Home Evening with the ward and Elder Tanner talked about his ancestor, John Tanner, who helped pay for many things for the church in the early days. There is a video from the church about him.

Saturday, we had a lesson with a man named Juan Carlos. His wife is a member but he is not. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and told him to pray for his own baptismal date. He feels like he won't receive an answer and so we are working with him to build that faith.

Sunday. The members are so nice and amazing they work really hard with us and they just love the missionaries. We went to help with a YSA (young single adult) activity but no one was there so we knocked the neighbors door and she has already gone to church before with her friend and really liked it! Hopefully it turns out well!

Elder Tanner and I are best friends. We get along so well. It's hard not to get along when you buy multiple legs of meat from different animals. (the pictures later will explain-Turkey legs and a leg of pork!)

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving with the grandkids. Love the cast drawing pictures! It's cute. 
drawing on Dad's, a.k.a PaPa's, cast

So mom for your questions and Christmas in general they have regular Christmas here but in January they have a bigger celebration called "Los Tres Reyes Magos," the three magic kings (Wisemen). The people put ladders out their piso windows for them to climb up and give presents. On the 16, we are doing a concert for investigators and recent converts and New Year's Eve we have a fireside for missionaries. So for video chat I need you to make me a skype. gracias!

Have a great week! love you all!

Elder Stevenson


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