Monday, November 25, 2013

3 in 3 to 3


This is Emilia she was baptized last week by Elders Cook y Smith

Sooooo transfers came in on Saturday and I have a new area! 3 areas 3 transfers I'm in Barrio 3 in Madrid.
Saying bye to Elder Gillam
Elder Malan and Me
Us- goofing off
Just got off the train and it is super nice here! We're in the south west part of Madrid. I'm with Elder Tanner. He is from Las Vegas and has been out a little more than 6 months. I'm excited for this transfer. It is an area that has been here for a while so it will be different then starting up.

So this week: Last Monday we were in Madrid and got back with only a little time for emails so it was short, I will expound more today.

With the Christ like attributes, we had watched the "Finding Faith in Christ" video so I just picked out things in there that I liked.

On Monday, we taught Juan. He is doing well. He read way more then we asked him which is amazing because he is so busy! He would be progressing but hasn't come to church yet. We taught about baptism and the spirit just going through 3 nephi 11 with him. The spirit was super strong during the lesson and he knew he was feeling it. He is also still praying very sincerely.

We met with Juan Carlos on Tuesday and started to teach and he told us that he didn't want to hear anything more. He said he was happy and didn't need a better life. It was just super sad to have him say that because he doesn't have a happy life. He's trapped with cigaretes and video games. but we had to stop meeting with him.

We also worked more with one of our members that night. She has a friend that she is sharing the gospel with. She gave the friend a Book of Mormon and is working with him to meet with us.
Here's my Fuenlabrada picture

Then Wednesday, I got to go on another companion exchange. We went to Fuenlabrada, pretty cool city but not as clean as Mostoles. I have a funny picture to show. Also found a snuggie. have a picture of that too. but we worked with some of the less actives that day and did some contacting. very good day.
The Snuggy!

We also went to the temple and were surprised with the new video! We were told to watch in English too. Very powerful and different. Then we spent 30 minutes just talking about gospel doctrine in the Celestial room which was very nice.

Friday, we got a new investigator named Luis. We had met him a couple weeks ago and were able to meet. It was a very good first lesson. Probably one of the best we have taught. We worked well together, explained our purpose right of the bat, and about baptism. He is an evangelist and so he wants a lot of Bible answers but he was very open to the Book of Mormon. It will be tough with him though to meet with him because he is only open on Fridays.
My sad tortilla de patatas

Then on Sunday we were super blessed. The less actives that we have been working with these past 6 weeks, all but one came to church! It was the first time they had been in so long but it was great to see them. I was so happy!

Well that has been my week. It was sad to say bye to Elder Gillam. He is staying in Mostoles, but he did very well training me. Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! 


Elder Stevenson

Last P-day

Indoor Snow Boarding at the Mall- didn't do it, just took pictures.

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