Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween and my 19th Birthday!

Hola Familia!

This week went pretty well! with all the coldness contacting is slowing down because they either aren't on the street or they don't want to stop and listen to anything. But we're still finding some people.

We met with our investigator Juan Wednesday night. He is doing very well! He loves to read! He read Joseph smith testimony, the Restoration Pamphlet, and a couple chapters of the Book of Mormon! It made me super happy to know his sincire desire. That night we focused on prayer and the blessings and answers that come from it and he will do it. We invited him to church and he really wants to go but he is sick and lives super far walking distance from the church. He also doesn't have a metro pass so we tried super hard to find a member that could pick him up in a car but it didnt happen. He has real desires. 

Later that night, we went and visited a less active member, Daniel, who is really into drinking so it's a huge problem for us but he accepts the missionaries and loves to listen and talk. He is the one that lives with Juan Carlos but Juan wasn't there. We are meeting with him today. We just need to get Daniel to enjoy church again and get him involved and a solid friend in the church. 

That day was Halloween and Spaniards go crazy! Their costumes are super creepy. Elder Gillam and I were in the metro and this lady dressed as like a ram demon thing comes walking in and everyone just turned with a disturbed look. Super funny. Elders Smith and Cook were coming off the metro and saw a huge group of people and they had bags over their heads and the lady in the center had like a baby coming out of her stomach. Not real of course. They said it was the freakiest thing in their lives.

We went to a pastry shop called Audry during Medio Dia for my birthday and it was super tasty!
I got some sweet soccer shoes and a Real Madrid jersey. I love it!
We are going to have a party on Wednesday because we get mail and Elder Gillam and I are moving to a new piso like right across the street. It's a brand new piso that is super nice. We have a view of a sweet park!

Yesterday, we taught a lesson to a man named Marcelo, he is from Brazil and has lived here for like 7 years. He is Evangelist so that was a fun lesson very bible based. He was asking a ton of questions that we couldn't answer because they are different then he thinks. He was asking about gifts of the spirit and expecially the gifts of tounges and yes we have that but his gift of tounges is in a different way. He absolutly did not want the Book of Mormon at first because of his church but at the end he really wanted it. You just have to help people understand and feel the spirit because if that doesn't happen they won't want anything. He said the prayer at the end and it was a very sincire prayer wanting an answer. Very good lession!

Yesterday we got fed for like the 2nd time while being in Móstoles. It was a Spanish family and they fed a HUGE pot of paella! I had like 3 plates! It was soooo good! The members serve us well they love the work happening here. The bishop called everyone out during testimony meeting. He had us stand and said we have 6 elders this is the time to help them out and was super fuerte about it! It was good though.

Oh yeah! so I went with Elder Dyer the other day and it was nice cuz he is super new and so it was a good look at training. We went to a member's house watched the Restoration and then asked if she knew people that needed this message and she gave us a reference. She didn't know how to invite her friend to meet us but we worked it out. I set up a food appointment where we just enjoy company and share some testimonies. She loved it and so we will see how it goes! 

Well that was my week. Today, we are going to a pueblo that is 10 minutes away that has castles and Taco Bell!! Great day! Then tomorrow I get my residency done and we are meeting with the Bishop to see what he needs from us. Should be a great week!

Love you all and thanks for the Happy Birthdays. The Jacksons called and sang me a sweet song that night.
Have a great week!


Elder Stevenson
P.S.Our paths crossed but its ok, Love you mom! Have a great week! I'm trying to add pics to my letter but the camera is being weird. We love cooking and the elders know Wingstop, give me the spices to use!

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