Monday, April 28, 2014


Driving Range!    = )

Hey family!

Another amazing week here in Madrid! It's super awesome that we are having success because its keeping Elder Anderson nice and focused!

Veronica and her two children are still amazing and working towards their baptismal goal. We sadly didnt get to meet every day this week but we did on the weekend which was nice. Veronica has gone from drinking coffee every day to only drinking it once this week and it's because she had to work super late but shes doing really well! We finished up all the teaching yesterday. We just have some final preperations to do before their baptism. They have so many great friends in the church and just feel like they belong. It's absolutely amazing! such a great family. :)

Gabi is still doing super well accepting everything. We just have to wait until she can come to church and then she will easily get baptized. She already has baptismal clothing ready! It's so amazing. She is super awesome.

We were able to set a date with Marta this week. We set her for the 24th of May and shes progressing well towards that. She has been really stressed lately because of some problems and weird dreams she is having but she says that every time she meets with us she feels calm and so that's good that she senses the difference. She came to a baptism on Saturday and absolutly loved it so that was great to hear. Everything still really well there! 

We set one more baptismal date this week, yesterday in fact. One of the best lessons I have ever been in, to be honest. Elder Anderson and I taught extraordinarily well. We had great unity and the spirit was telling us the exact same promptings. The lesson was with a man named Maverik, who is from Free Town, Africa. We were walking to the metro with some members right after the chapel tour with Veronica and this man comes running across the street with a huge bottle of beer in his hand yelling, "MISSIONARIES! I LOVE YOUR CHURCH!" He then talked to us about how he had been to church and felt the spirit there. We got his number and set up an appointment. The day before the lesson, we saw him in the street once again with a large beer. And it made us nervous for Sunday that he would show up drunk to the lesson, but no. He was there in the church ready for us sober and humble really wanting to find the truth. We had a great restoration lesson like I said with the spirit really testifying to him. Elder Anderson and I both felt impressed to invite him to be baptized so we did and we both felt to put it on the same day as Gabi´s. We did an he gladly accepted. It was such a great lesson!

We are now at 6 baptismal dates that will happen in the next month. We are super excited and happy for the people. We can really see their lives being touched and blessed because of this message and the decisions they are making in there lives. 

This area has changed so much for the better. The members are getting more animated about missionary work. We have had more member present lessons these past few weeks than we have had in any other transfers. It's a great area to be in. I absolutely love it!

On p days (preparation Days), we go to cool stuff in Madrid. There are tons of things to do and in the outside citys of Madrid there is more to see. Today we were thinking about going to Parque Europa which has stuff from every cool place in Europe but we are going to play basketball with one of our investigators instead. We are trying to think of something super fun next week because it's Elder Anderson's last p day of the mission! The next one I will be taking him to the mission home. Super crazy!
Looks like every one has had a good Easter and week. Take care this week. I'm excited to talk to you in 2 weeks. I didn't even realize it was that soon until Dad mentioned it in the letter he sent. It's a weird situation for my companion because his parents are coming to pick him up the next day. So he's not even going to call. 

Hope everyone has a great week!! Love you!
-Elder Stevenson

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