Monday, May 5, 2014

The Miracles Still Continue!!!

Hey Family!

We have had a super great week here in Madrid! A lot of time spent on comp exchanges and working between two areas but still turned out well!


First off, my second favorite family in the world: Veronica, Natali, and Karla. They are seriously sooo great. We had a Ward activity at this super huge park on Thursday. They went to that and loved it! Made good friends there. Every missionary in the world now has to teach lesson 5 before baptism and so we rushed through that this week. Good thing they accepted it all. Saturday, we went over the baptismal interview questions and they were good on everything. Except veronica wasn't sure about prophets but she was fasting and praying and read some talks from Thomas S. Monson and watched "The Restoration" dvd. Then woke up Sunday morning and knew they were prophets. She just felt it super strong. It was such a joy to hear that! They said they 100% want to get baptized. They are going to see what their family says about it and will tell us tonight if it will be Saturday or no. I'm 100% it will be because they want to get baptized before Elder Anderson leaves. Sooo pretty sure there will be a great family baptism this Saturday! 
Parque Juan Carlos

Gabi was able to come to church this week which was super cool! t was a scary week with her. On Monday, we recieved a text saying that she didn't want to join the church anymore. So of course we rushed over there. She just doesn't have support from family or friends. So she was just scared but all is well now! We are meeting with her tonight too. 

Marta was working all week this week and so she didn't meet with us but she was able to come to church this week. Which was super great! We have to start meeting with her more because her baptism is in 3 weeks. 

Maverick is still doing really well. He feels like he is finally finding God in his life and he wants to change so we are working well with him. He was going to come to church Sunday but he was out of town, which was a bummer. .

A couple weeks ago, when I went on a comp exchange with the AP, we found a guy named Edwin who was pretty cool. Elder Anderson and I passed by this week and he was home! We had a really good lesson with him and then he came to church this week! It was super cool! 

It was a really good week this week and we hope to end this transfer well with the baptisms! I will let you all know how it goes on Sunday! Can't believe I already get to talk to you again! I'm going to call at 4:30 here so 7:30 in California. If anyone else can make the call that will be super cool! 

This Saturday we also get a visit from 2 70´s! Elder Snow and Nielson and I'm pretty sure it's the one I have met before!

Have a great week. We will talk on Mother's day!

-Elder Stevenson

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