Monday, May 26, 2014


Hey Family!

We had a pretty good week this week!

Found a lot of good new people.

We were able to meet with these two super cool girls this week. They were a phone number in the area book but were willing to met that same day. One is from Nicaragua and the other Panama. Two countries I have never taught before. That's one of the cool things about Madrid because you have a huge melting pot of people from every country. Anyway they are super cool. One knows nothing about the church and the other recieved all the lessons from the missionaries but didn't get baptized because she was 17 and her parents wouldn't let her. They are super cool hope all goes well.

Gabi is still doing really well. She won't be getting baptized on the 7th though because she has to have surgery and so she would rather wait until after :( But she ended work this week and will be able to come from now on! Super cool. We have a leson with her tonight.

Veronica and her family are still super cool. Natalia still wants to be baptized, she just doesn't know when. She is super shy and doesn't want to have the interview with someone she doesnt know but oh well too bad. They are super cool though. They come and partisipate in all the activities and stuff.

We had a great lesson with our Free Town friend, Maverick. We brought one of the best members to that lesson... wait for it... LUCKY MIKE! Yes his legal name is Lucky Mike. He is from Nigeria and is probably the happiest man I have ever met in my life! We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and really focused on baptism. We changed his date to the 21st to better prepare him for baptism because he still has problems with beer. But we are working on it.

OK now I will get to what you are all waiting for. How was it being in Madrid Saturday. IT WAS INSANE!! First all day there were people celebrating and the game hadn't even started yet! Then when it did we were in a park with Veronica and her family because all the members were watching the game. When Athletico Madrid scored car horns started honking. The entire city was roaring from the cheers and fireworks were being set off it was crazy. After that lesson we went home and at that point the score was only 1-0 and almost over. So while in the piso doing daily planning we hear the city roar again and we thought it was the end of the game. But then later on in the night it gets worse and so at this point we are super lost but we came to the conclusion that Atletico won. Then the next day walking to church everyone is wearing Real Madrid jerseys in the street. Anyway when we get to church and find out all that happened. We were blown away. Members said the more towards the center of town all night there was a party and parade. Crazy days here in Madrid

Anyway, this was our week. It was a good one. Hope everyone had and has a good week. Sean & Hil Happy Anniversary and DAD again Happy Birthday.

Love you all!!!
-Elder Stevenson  

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