Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey Family!

We had a super good week here this week.We started getting more help from members. All the members that helped this week are people that had never gone out with us before so that was awesome!

Our people are still doing really well. 

Gabi is still doing really well but something lame happened right as she ends her work which she gets fired from. She goes and gets another job and has to work sundays :( But shes just babysitting a little girl so with more time the family is fine with Gabi taking her to church with her. We are teaching lesson five to her right now so wrapping up everything. She is super ready to be baptized just have to get work out of the way.

Maverick is still super cool! We had a lesson with him on Saturday. Got him started on a plan to live the Word of Wisdom. He really wants to do it because he loves the church and wants to be baptized. He went to a baptismal service with us right after the lesson and he feels great about the decision to be baptized. He came to church on Sunday and our stake high counseler was there who knows Maverick and so they were both super excited to see each other.

We had a cool experience with Lucky Mike this week. he invited us over to eat. (a ton of food I might add. An African meat dish which was really good and a well done paella!) but we were over there eating and one of his friends came later to join us and so we were able to have a lesson with his friend about the Book of Mormon and were able to give her the book. Sadly she lives in a different area but it was a great teaching opportunity.

We had kinda the same experience with a man named Alder. OK get this. Alder is 17 living in Spain. He is Mongolian but lived his entire life in Russia. He speaks Russian, Spanish, English, Greek and Latin. He has super long hair and likes listening to heavy metal music. and he's meeting with the Mormons. When he gets baptized he's going to make a great I'm a mormon message :P  On Friday we had a small activity at the church and he stayed because he was already at English class practicing his English. We were able to have a great lesson with him. but sadly he's not our area. 

Veronica and her family are doing SUPER well. They just love going to the church and learning more. Veronica likes reading and so she always wants more books. They didnt have a Bible so Thursday we were at the temple for a zone conference so we got them a Bible and the conference ensign and they were super excited! We are going to try and have the baptismal interview of Natalie this Friday so I hope all goes well!!!!

This week was super good! Hope everyone had a good one too. Love you all and thanks for the support! Have a great week!

Elder Stevenson

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