Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey Family!!

We had a super good week this week!

We went over Tuesday night to talk about it and she wasn't too sure but then we went again Thursday and she said ok! She had the interview on Friday and passed! We are super excited! That family is still doing super well. On Saturday, Veronica went and helped the sister missionaries with one of their lessons and they said she did great so that was super cool. Then yesterday, we had a super great lesson. Natalia is a little nervous for her baptism and she has to retake some test for school so we went over to give her a blessing. The spirit was really strong there. Then we were talking with them and Veronica has been really stressed because of the tests Natalia has and so I felt like sharing 2 things one was D&C 121:7 and then the other was the Mormon Message ''good things to come." It was exactly what she needed to hear. Such a great lesson.

Melting Pot! (from left to right)
Elder Barahona from Honduras but has lived in Spain his whole life, Elder Vasquez from Peru, Elder Molina from Ecuador, Me from the United States, Elder Larrea from Bolivia

Maverick is still doing really well. We had some really good lessons with him this weekend. He is done drinking coffee but still has problems with alcohol but it's going down. This week the sisters saw him on a bench reading the Book of Mormon! That's super awesome! He is still doing really well and has desires to change and be baptized.

We finished the lessons with Gabi but now we just need to figure out how she can get to church. That is all that is holding her back. 

Mainly, we have just been working with the same people. We are working hard on finding new investigators but they are having difficulty meeting with us. But as we start to meet with them things will go well. 

Hope everyone has a great week! I'll let you know how things go next week with the baptism! We're just super excited.

love you all!
-Elder Stevenson

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