Monday, June 16, 2014

Natalia's Baptism!


Hey family!

This was a great week!

Natalia was baptized on Saturday and it was so great!! The spirit was so strong in the baptismal service. They invited some friends to come which was really cool! I went outside of my comfort zone a little bit and sang the song from The Children's Songbook, 'When I Am Baptized' but in Spanish. It turned out really well! Over all super great day! So happy that I was able to baptize her. Now we are just waiting on Karla but transfers come this week and I have been here for 6 months so we will see if I'm here for that baptism.

We had some really good moments this week. We were finally able to meet with a Pilipino man that we met a couple weeks ago and he is super cool! His name is Axid and he has a family of 5 which is really cool. He is super excited to meet with us and read the Book of Mormon.

We also have a guy named Mark who was at Joy and Tristian's house this week. We are going to start meeting with him so that will be good. Tristian is able to meet again but not for good reasons. He works in a kitchen of a restaurant and was pouring alcohol into a pan and the alcohol caught fire which went up the stream which then made the bottle explode getting fire all over his arms, clothes and hair. He was luckily able to extinguish it fast but his hands have 3rd degree burns. It was pretty bad. 

Maverick, we are not sure what is going on. I called him on Saturday to try and meet that night and he told me that while working he fell in a hole and ''broke his leg.'' Well yesterday we were outside waiting for a member and we see him running into Carrefour, a supermarket, to buy beer right before it closes :(  He loves going to church but still struggles with his the desires. Hopefully all will go well.

Sounds like you all had a good week. Hope all goes well this week.


-Elder Stevenson


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