Monday, June 23, 2014

Hasta LUGO Madrid

Soooo transfers came and Dad I finaly have your answer. When am I going to leave Madrid? Last night at 10:30 to be exact. Hopped on a nine hour long night train  and got to Santiago in Galicia the north of Spain. Then we to a 2 hour bus ride to Lugo. It's a tiny little town in the north but it's Super Cool1 It's an entirly different world up here, nothing like Madrid. On the train it seriously looked like Italy. Super cool!!!!! 

My new companion is Elder Gorge and.... I'M TRAINING HIM! I'm super excited!! He already had 6 weeks up here with another elder but I get to finish up. He's from Indianapolis and plays football for Butler. Pretty cool.


We had a pretty tough week this week. With school ending and summer starting all of our people left town and we have the added world cup. Even though Spain is out, everyone still watches. 
Saying good bye

But with the people we were able to meet with, we had some great lessons. Joy and Tristian are still doing really well. Good News! Joy is actually starting her papers so she can get divorced. that means in like 3 years they can get baptized. But they are super good. It was a little tough saying bye to them because I have been visiting them for 6 months now. Hope one day to see the picture of their baptism.
Maverick is still doing really well. He has a date still for the 12th. He's working hard to reach that goal. Just a little problem with alcohol still. 

This week we talked to Veronica's friends and family. Nobody knew they, she and Natalia, were baptized and so on Thursday they invited us to go meet with them all and announce the baptism. The friends were all fine and excited that she did it. But her mom and sister freaked out. The sister has wierd thoughts about our church and so that's why but the mom is majorly catholic and so she was in shock. She calmed down a couple days later though. It was suuupppeeer hard saying bye to that family. They are all my best friends and I have gotten to know them super well. 

It was a great six months in that area. I saw a ton of miracles, got to know great people, and brought more souls unto Christ. I'm excited for this new area and hope I'm able to do the same.

Hope everyone has a great week.
Love you!
-Elder Stevenson

         My new Area: Lugo, Galacia, Spain

Cathedral de Lugo, Galicia

Roman Aquaduct

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