Monday, May 19, 2014

Veronica's Confirmation

Hey Family!

We had a really good week this week! A little bit less help from the members but we were still able to have the lessons at least.

The confirmation of Veronica went great! She's super happy to be a member. and she's super happy to share the gospel. None of her friends or family know about the church and so Veronica wants us to teach them. She gave us the number of one of her friends and we are going to meet Friday. That will be nice. Also her neighbor saw us there an she talked to Veronica and gave her JW magazines and stuff. Veronica told us to talk to her so some day this week were going to knock on her door. Hopefully something good comes from that. We are also going to start teaching her mom and sister. I'm excited for that. They still don't know about Veronica's baptism. The daughters are doing super well. We tried to set another date with them last night but they didn't want to set one yet. Later on though, I was talking to Natali and she said that it's Karla that isn't sure yet. But Natali told me that she has been thinking about baptism and she wants to do it and she wants baptize her. Now we just have to find out when! But everything is super great with them. They love the church!

Everything is still going super well with Maverick. He was able to come to church this week! He loved it a ton! We then had a lesson with him later that day which was super tough for my comp because he doesn't speak English. We were able to teach the Plan of Salvation and right after I bore my testimony Maverick shared his! It was super cool. He still wants to be baptized which is great.

Gabi is also doing super well we only have a little bit left to teach and she is working well towards her date. She ends work this week and so she will be able to come to church. She is super great.

We were able to meet with a new lady yesterday that we found in the street. Her name is Maria. She is from Bolivia. super cool. She is willing to read the Book of Mormon. She is about the same age as Veronica and also has a 16 year old daughter. Hopefully they can be good friends and Maria can feel comfortable in the church.
Our District before Elder Anderson went home.

My first District meeting went really well. We have a good district here. Elder Taylor's greenie is actually the best friend of Elder Vasquez so we have some good unity.

Hope everyone had a good week. Chad congrats on your graduation! Mom and Dad sorry about the horrible travel problems. But glad you had a great time with Chad and Ariann and the grandkids-

Have a great week! Love you all!
-Elder Stevenson

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