Monday, August 4, 2014

Cuando Me Bautice

Hey Family!

Things are going super well!
First off, transfers came and we are both staying here in Lugo so we are excited.
Second, both of the baptisms went through on Saturday! On friday they had their interviews when I was on exchanges in a Coruña. I called Elder Gorge and he said all went well and that we will be having two great baptisms on Saturday, which we were origionally planning for Sunday so I was a little shocked! 
Anyways, Saturday we had the service and it turned out really well! But kind of crazy also. First, the font water was burning hot! We had to pump some of that water out and throw cold water and ice in there to cool it down. Then there was a tiny water leak in the church so we had to clean that up. But when the actual service started it went well. 
Elder Gorge and I sang "When I am baptized"/ "Cuando Me Bautice."  we did half spanish half English. It turned out super cool and I played the piano for it! I have learned 2 songs on the piano. It's pretty cool. So we did that then Elder Gorge baptized Margarita and I baptized Junior. Junior is taller then me and just a big man. It was super hard to get him back up! They were both super happy for the decision they made. Also I made banana bread for the refreshments.  = )
We had a really good week other than that. Also we were able to find a lot of new people in the streets which has been really hard lately. A lot of athiest here. But we found some nice people.
So with the baptism of Margarita and Junior we were kind of left without progressing investigators. So being Fast and Testimony weekend, I fasted so we could find new people that would progress. Well Sunday morning our miracle comes walking in. a less active brought two of his friends to church with him. They were very impressed with the church and are willing to meet with us. One of them even got up and bore her testimony. She simply said I'm not a member of this church but one thing I know we share is a belief in Jesus Christ and she bore a really nice testimony of Christ. We know that things will go well with them.
This has been a super good week just full of miracles and blessing. I absolutly love this work. I love every moment of it and wouldn't trade it for anything.
Hope everyone has a great week! I LOVE YOU!

-Elder Stevenson

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