Monday, August 18, 2014

A Coruña

Ok, parents. It is time for the game "Find Your Missionary! These are amazing missionaries in the Santiago Zone. In the beautiful city of A Coruña for a Preparation Day activity & Zone Conference. #lovethem #sonbuenosmisioneros #wayupnorth
Hello Family!

This has been a really good week for us here in Lugo

We were working really hard trying to get Luis progressing (super old Dominican) but we didn't really get much from him. He is a really good guy and knows the Book of Mormon is true but just doesn't come to church.. I think it just escapes him and then when he sees us he remembers and quickly comes up with an excuse. We will pick him up next week. It's super easy to meet with him though and he's very welcoming. He is usually always in his house looking out the window or on a bench right outside his house. Once we get some progression things will go well with him.

We also visited a really cool guy named Sneider. He's 23 and from Colombia. He is a reference from Margarita and so we were super excited to teach him. We had a great first lesson because it started out with him wanting to know about the Book of Mormon. Super good first lesson. We made the mistake though of setting up the return appointment to Friday which is a Spanish holiday, Nuestra Señora,. No one was at home or in the streets!! All at the beach or river. So we just met with him once but I think things can go well with him.

Sooo... speaking of Margarita, we went over Friday to teach her son and have lunch and... Her son was drunk = (      It was a super rough morning because of it. He is one of those emotional drunks that spills out their entire life and cries a lot. It started out with him kind of having short term memory loss. He asked us how we were doing like 20 times in 2 minutes. Then he thanked us for baptizing his mom and how she's happy now so it makes him happy. And then the water works turn on and the whole life story. He tells of his motorcycle accident and when he got shot in Colombia. He has some pretty bad scars. Then Margarita comes in and we call another member to come over cuz she wanted the son to go lie down. He doesn't want to get up from the couch and says he's not tired 5 seconds later he's out. So the member comes over and we ate some super good food, a bean dish and chorizo, and yeah it was a crazy morning! He also gave Elder Gorge and I kisses on the cheek. Super weird. There's my crazy story of the week.

We had a really great miracle with church yesterday. Hopefully we can have another Junior experience.  Saturday we were calling people inviting them to church and we call one man name Edimicio. He didn't really say much just asked about one of the missionaries that used to be here in Lugo. Well he showed up to church! It was really great! We hope he can progress well and get baptized just like Junior.

Other than that its been a nice week we have plenty to visit and do we just need to get them progressing and on dates and stuff. we are focusing on that a lot.

OK, the story about the photo: They were standing on a street corner and there was a car stopped. Then a car behind that car hit the gas instead of brake and hit the other car then that car hit the Elders and one of them went flying a bit and hit his head on the ground. They just had whip lash and the one elder that fell some staples in his head. But they are fine.
                                                                              Hope you all have had a great week.  I have to go we are going to a Coruña for p day/ zone meeting I get to stay in a hotel tonight but we have to catch the bus. Love you!!                                                                 Con cariño,
Elder Stevenson

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