Monday, February 9, 2015



Hey everyone!

This week went really well! Sounds like a couple of you were sick and so was I. Just the stomach flu for a day but I'm over it now. 

It was a great baptismal service. Christian's mom was actually able to come from Valencia to see the baptism which is really cool because she isn't a member. It was a really spiritual service so hopefully she could feel the presence of the spirit. A member did the baptism and the bishop confirmed him yesterday. Such great member relationships so all is well with him! = )

We are also working really well with German. He is progressing super well. He came to the baptism and is now super excited to be baptized. He origionally was going to get baptized in London because that's where his fiancee lives and she's a member. But she is actually going to come down here because he wants his member friends here to be at the baptism as well. We had a really cool experience. We met with him Tuesday and made sure he was reading and praying and he actually hadn't been praying. So we re-explained the importance of prayer expecially asking about the Book of Mormon. The next day we met as well and he had prayed 3 times since the visit! The people that progress are those that IMEDIATLY apply what they learn into their lives. If not, they forget and never end up doing it. 

We also met a really cool person Monday night. Her name is Karina. She is from Peru. We met with her on Friday and she is super prepared! We had an amazing lesson. She understood the Restoration so well. She also came to the baptismal service and just loved it. We are going to put a date with her this week.

The work is going well. Hope everyone has a great week. Love you!

-Elder Stevenson
Madrid Temple



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