Monday, October 21, 2013


Hola familia!

So the reason this is called surprise is: On Wednesday night we got a call from the APs that they were closing Majadahonda. We were sad but we now know why the Lord didn't want us to have a piso! We are now Móstoles elders. It's where we have been living the whole time and now we work there. It's so nice having 3 more hours in my day! But we did have to start at zero again which
kind of sucks but its all good.


The  last days in Maja this week. We ended our p-day early so that we could teach this guy named PePe, he is a very nice man but after he very nicely rejected another visit. Then we met with one of our less active members who has been struggling lately. I hope we were able to help her out a little bit. On Tuesday, we taught an English class and then stopped by a couple people but they didn't have time for a full visit. Wednesday, we went to some of the old investigators who didn't have a phone and we were able to find a lady. She invited us back the next day and then we got the phone call. = (  went and ended our English class and said bye to as many members as possible.
Then Thursday, in Mostoles. we did tons of contacting because we had no one. We were able to teach a man named Ceasar, the lesson went really well but he didn't give us his number so we have to rely on if he is at the library at 8, most of the time he is not. Friday we just contacted more and worked with the ward missionaries. There are tons of ward missionaries in this ward. I love it! Saturday we had a memorial service for a lady's son, who had died a while ago but every year they do a remembrance. She invited tons of friends and then introduced us to them. It was a great time for the plan of salvation. We have lessons with these people next week. Then Sunday, we had dinner at a house that has more people in there house than Majadahonda has members!! Sooooo many people. Later, we were able to help out a lady who is 86 and can't move much. It was some great service.

Today, we went to Parque Europa- Super Cool Park!
That meat the man is carving is an entire pigs leg. I did get all of the postcards, thank you. Our zone conference is on the 1st so I will get my birthday package then. And to Kent and Diana... FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS A TI!!!! well I should go soon.

Love you all!

-Elder Stevenson
"Parque Europa is located in the suburb Torrejón de Ardoz, 25km from the center of Madrid. There are 17 miniature monuments of famous European sites and a piece of the Berlin wall throughout the park.  Each landmark has a sign with information about the monument and the country in which it's located. There are also food venders and water park attractions. The Parque opened in September of 2010."





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