Monday, January 27, 2014

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Good Old Rain!
¡Hola Familia!

We had a really good week this week! Finally got people to church and progressing!
First is Joy and Tristian. Ee met with them a ton this week! Met on Tuesday and read a little of the Book of Mormon explaining it on the way. We had our ward mission leader there helping out. He served in Salt Lake english/spanish so he speaks perfect English. He's from Colombia, the same mission Kalob is serving in. Anyways that lesson went really well and we read 3 nephi 11 and taught the importance of this being true. We then met with them again on Friday and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. This Wednesday, we had a zone meeting and they challanged us to invite every one of our investigators and so we invited them for the 15th of Feburary and they accepted! They are really enjoying the lessons. They love when we come over, they can feel the difference. We then met another time Sunday night and taught the 10 commandments. we were able to get them a book in Tagolog and so they really understand the doctrine. They are doing really well and we just hope they keep progressing towards the 15th. They are going to be moving this week and so we are having a couple members that speak English come help us to get them some friends in the church.
Got my Mail!
The next progressing investigator is Alberto. We weren't able to meet this week because of some emergency but he came to church on Sunday! We had ward conference that day and so we had some really good talks. He enjoyed it a lot and was able to make good friends with some of the members. In fact one of my MTC teachers was there because she has a stake calling with the young women and so she was talking to me, then I introduced her to him and they talked for roughly 10-15 minutes. I just wish she was in our ward. He made good friends with some Brazilians because they both speak Portuguese.

Wednesday, we passed by Julio, I think I talked about him. The blind guy that served in the US Air Force. We gave a little service to him and shared a little from the plano de salvaçáo (Portuguese). It was a very good lesson. With his phone he is able to call the United States and wanted to talk to mom and dad but I didn't feel comfortable with him calling. He wants you two to know how much he appreciates you two for letting me come out here to Spain. He is just very grateful for the service we give him. Other than that we just contacted, found some really great people.
Cool drawing from Ariela's letter
Thursday, we passed by our Brazilian family again and once again they were home! It was a huge blessing. He had just gotten done eating and only had 30 minutes before he had to go back and so we had a short lesson about the Book of Mormon. It was a really powerful lesson and he understands the importance of it in recieving an answer, expecially since he doesn't always understand us. We also met with our investigator Fernando and taught him the rest of the plan of salvacion. He is doing well but his work is getting in the way. He also wants a special letter from the prophet to his parents in Santo Domingo inviting his parents to Utah to visit Temlple Square. That one is a little hard to do.  =/

Friday, I got to do companion exchanges with Elder Fonseca. I entered the MTC with him so it was kind of cool working with him that day. That was the day we hit 6 months in the mission. It's so sad to see the time pass by so quickly but I guess that's why we need to work our hardest while we still have the time because 6 months came quick! Anyway,  that day we went and met with Pablo and had a really good lesson with him. He really has a strong testimony and needs to get baptized. He will be talking to his parents on the 31st and so we will see what happens! We then met with Samuel again and he wants to find out it's true just doesn't do the stuff to find out it's true. So we taught him the importance reading, praying, and coming to church really has in ones conversion.

another drawing from Ariela- Disney Birthday pin!

Saturday morning, we met with Omar and shared a little from the Book of Mormon and tried to figure out what to do to get him and his girlfriend married. Hopefully they can start making plans to do that. We then met with Adriana and her mother and had a really good lesson there. They really feel like this is the truth but they keep on not coming to church. We are going to try and get a member that can bring them to the church.

Sunday, we had a really good ward conference. Later that night, we had a fireside put on by the missionaries and the Jacksons talking about missionary work for the members. Sadly the ones that showed up were the ones that actually do missionary work but "it's all good." It was a great meeting and hopefully it will help the ones that do some do more because there is much to be done. 
We went Bowling on P-Day  = )

This was our week that we had. It was a very progressive one. Hope everyone has a great week. Mom & Dad have a safe trip to Pennsylvania and enjoy the baptism. Tell the twins, "I'm excited for them!" love you all! 

-Elder Stevenson

P.S. If anyone has mission appropiate music, can you send it to me? I have a pin drive so I can just put it on there. Thanks!

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