Monday, January 6, 2014

Seis Semana Suerte

Empty Madrid!  New Year's Day
Hola Familia!

You are all going to be very surprised but I am getting transferred today! I was very surprised also but I know why I need to go. I am headed of back to Madrid 1, the ward that serves Majadahonda and the area where Leidy´s boy friend lives. I will explain that later.
                                   Abuelita  (little grandma) Nicest lady ever! We ate at her house on Christmas Day.

The one in the center has a mental disability and every week she tried to hug me. It was so sad to have to turn down.

This week we have been working very hard with Leidy to get her baptized this week. But unfortunately, it didn't happen, but we made huge progress with her. She told us her story and she told us why she wants to be baptized. She was in a park for a family gathering the day after she had been taught by the missionaries and she was reading the Book of Mormon. She came across a scripture talking about the spirit and baptism. She said that she felt something different that day. We explained to her that it was the spirit testifying to her and she just lit up with the biggest smile. We explained to her that she knows these things are true and so she needs to be baptized. She agreed. We are working things out with her mom. Then she said that she wants an eternal family since her baby is about to be born. And that she wants her boy friend to know of the gospel and so she gave us his information. Now this is why I need to leave. This is who the Lord needs me to go teach. Her boyfriend lives in Las Rozas which is in my new area! We had a lesson with them 30 minutes ago and they brought that up. The spirit just hit me super strong that this is what I need to go do. It was sad to say bye to this area and Elder Tanner so quick. But I am content with it. I did things here that I know that I specifically needed to be here for. Iris the less active from Mostoles is now coming to church every week and if I hadn't been here she would have just been passed by. 

Leidy, Ramber, y Yamil


Hermana Adair y Dieze

We had some other appointments with Nicasia also the mother of the member that is in Vienna. she really opened up to us more about her doubts. We asked if she had been reading and said no so we promised her that every doubt that she has will be gone if she reads and prays about that book and she was very pleased with that. she is a great lady that wants to know but struggles.

Angel. he's the  son of one of our investigator's.

We really cleaned up this area a lot this transfer. Missionaries are going to be very happy when they come here. We had a good week, ended strong and we just hope the best for these people here. They have a lot of potential and know the truth but at times get strayed. I'm excited for this new area and will be working hard out there. Well I have to go hop on a train soon and still need to write president. Have a great week! love you all!

-Elder Stevenson

This morning at Yamil's house with all of their family.

Yamil, Leidy, y Ramber

My train ride went safe here in the north of Madrid. I'm with Elder Lloyd. He is from Roy Utah and has been in the field a little less than a year. He started in March. He also has a sister with the same due date as Hilary! 

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