Monday, January 13, 2014

Mas delgado y mejor Español

Me and Elder LLoyd
Hola familia!

This week went really really well! I have no clue how to tell you all the people we taught!

So Monday when we got there, we went and taught a lady who was baptized the week I  left Majadahonda and she hadn't been back to church since her confirmation. We feel like she only did it because she was getting pressured by her uncle to do it : (   So we are working with her to bring her back. 
A few more good bye pics from last week

Our District in Madrid

Tuesday, we went out to Majadahonda and had a couple lessons.  The first was with Adriana, a lady Elder Gillam and I found knocking doors. She gladly let us in and we taught her and her son the restoration again. It was a great lesson. said she would come to church on Sunday but didn't.   : (   Then we passed by Manuel and Gretel. Manuel wasn't there so we just talked a little by the door and right as we were leaving he came walking up so we ended up having one with them.

Wednesday, we went and taught a lady named Marlen. She is very evangelist and was hard to get to. She was very interupting and cut in with her doctrine. We then went and taught a lady who lives by the KPMG building, named Adriana. She is very interested but we just had a short lesson in the lobby of her building because no members were able to help us out.
Thursday, we taught a less active family who had a death in the family a couple years ago and they are very hurt mentally from it. It was sad to see but we promised that he would be with his wife again. 

Friday, we had an amazing day! Started out with Pablo, a 19 year old kid, who lived in Utah and investigated the church and knows it is true but is deathly afraid to tell his parents. He basically taught us the Plan of Salvation because he knows it all. He is going to try and talk to his parents soon. Then we taught a man named Juan Carlos. Good lesson but he is not very interested. He has his views and doesn't want to change. We had a lesson in the street while walking back home for medio dia but then after didn't want to hear more. Then we taught  Alberto first time meeting with him and he had his beliefs but was willing to learn more and find out if these things are true. We also taught a man named Fernando and set a baptismal date for him. He is a very good man and hope it works out but he works a ton!


Saturday, We met with a family and set a date with them too. They are very interested and read the Book of Mormon a lot. Then Elder Lloyd got sick and so we just did area book at home.

Sunday, he wasn't feeling better but still went to church of course. All the members were so shocked and happy when they saw me. Especially the ones from Majadahonda. "Mas delgado y mejor Español" (skinnier and better spanish) is all I heard all day. It was really funny. We then had a lesson with Joy and Tristian, a little Pilipino family we contacted in a post office. We had to send a letter to the mission office and so we went and they were in there and their daughter kept running up to us and yelling HI! in English. So we went over and talked to the family. We had a great first lesson with them and they invited us back for more. We are very excited to see what happens there.

Well that has been my week. Meeting tons of new people and finding tons to teach. Super excited to work here! Oh and with She opened the door and she was breathing super hard. They asked if everything was ok and she said that she was in labor! They rescheduled. So I think she now has little baby Kimberly!

Have a great week everyone. Love you all!

-Elder Stevenson
goodbyes to Elder Piñiero     : ( 

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