Monday, February 17, 2014


Elder Anderson
Hola familia! 
We had a pretty good week this week.
Soooooo transfers were this week and.... I STAYED!!!!!
I am now with Elder Anderson though Elder Lloyd went down to Madrid 9 same area as b3 where I was. Elder anderson has only 2 transfers left in the mission and is also from Utah. Super excited to work with him.
I forgot my chapa in this one.  =/

Things with Joy & Tristan have been pretty weird. They seemed to really like church and the baptism, but they failed us this Tuesday which is the first time. We then tried to call them and their phone wasn't on. Wednesday, we snuck up on them and only Tristan and Trixie were there because Joy was working. So we read a little of the Book of Mormon with him and set up another visit for that Saturday. Saturday, we go and once again failed! We were super confused and the phone still didn't work. Sunday morning, they weren't there either so we couldnt bring them to church. We don't really know what's going on but we hope all is o.k. and that we can still meet with them.

Things with Marco are going really well though! We met with him on Thursday and set a date for the 16th of March and he accepted! We shared  the restoration dvd with him and he really enjoyed it. He told us how he feels different when we come over and so we testified to him that it was the spirit and that we will have it with us always after baptism. He came to church again on Sunday and was able to see a confirmation. He is really progressing and so things should go well! 

Omar and Stefanie

Omar and Stefanie are doing really well also. We went over there Thursday and talked about faith in Jesus Christ. We talked about them getting married and they are putting a lot of thought into it and so hopefully they can start that process soon! They will be out of town the next few Sundays so can't come but we will still be able to meet during the week.

We got a new investigator on Thursday whos name is Luis, this right here is a story. Elder Lloyd got this reference before I came in. One day Elder Fonseca and Echegaray told us a story of a drunk man who was chasing after his roomate with a frying pan (just like Tangled) Anyway, he starts chasing him up a flight of stairs and when he gets to the top the roommate picks him up by both arms and throws him down all the stairs. These 2 elders saw it all and were just freaking out. They had just gotten out of a lesson. A week or 2 later Elder Lloyd went on comp exchanges and they went to that piso. Elder Lloyd saw he had a guy in his agenda he needed to contact in the same building and so they did and Luis answered the door. Same man who got tossed down the stairs. They set up a return visit. So we go by and he lets us in and he lives on a little balcony inside the piso. We go up there to teach and some of the stairs are broken so we asked how it happened. He said he was on the top stair and it broke so he fell down and broke 2 more on the way. This man is just not having luck with stairs! We teach him the Restoration and were having a super good lesson sharing the time, asking great questions. One of the best I would have had if his roomate had not come home a little drunk. Right as I am talking about the first vision. We then ask if we could go outside to finish to be in a more quiet safe situation so we did. We set up a return visit and planned for it at the church to keep us safe. It was a very different experience. Then later that night, we went over to visit a family and were waiting for the hermanas at a bus stop and this drunk lady across the street starts yelling random words, we instantly knew she was super drunk. She later tries crossing the street and luckyly doesn't get hit. She then comes and stands by me but doesn't say anything, Then she says " ¡Yo puedo hablar africano!" (I can speak african) and continues to talk in an unknown language for a couple minutes, then runs away. Super wierd moment in my life. She saw us again later and ran towards us yelling ¡quiero sacar una foto! (I want to take a picture) We just ran away because the hermanas were there. Really weird experience, but funny to look back on.
This is pretty much our week we have dropped a lot of people that had been taught everything but didn't want to find out for themselves if it was true and would fire us a ton. There were also really good baptisms this week the hermanas got 2 from a couple that have been coming to church for years but were not married and they finally got married and baptised on Valentines Day. Then yesterday an 18 year old young man was baptised by his good friend James in the ward. He helps us with lessons a ton and is going to be a great missionary. 

I love you all and hope you had a great week! Talk to you later! 

-Elder Stevenson

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