Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentines! Cuatro Caminos

Thanks for the Valentines! Mini Me's (made completely of hand cut hearts, except the name tags)
Hello family!

We have had a great week this week!

First off, Marco is doing super well! Still coming to church, reading, praying, everything! He really wants an answer. He still is working towards the 16th and He really wants it. We have full faith he will be baptized that day. He said he has felt good when he meets with us. He just doesn't know if it is the spirit or not. So we are working on that right now. He is just super awesome.

Dropping off books!    = )

We were able to meet with Joy and Tristan again. We talked a lot about baptism and they told us how they want to be baptized. We really hope they start the marriage process. Tristan came to church this week and really liked it. The only problem standing in the way is being married!

We met with Pablo again and talked about him talking to his parents. We then talked about fasting and how it helps us with things we really want and need. We decided to fast with him so that he can have the courage to talk with his parents. He has promised to talk to his parents that day of the fast. We really hope he does it because if he does all will go well.

We met some really great people this week! The Hermanas got taken out of our area so we split up their people and they also had a ton of old investigators that hadn't been checked up on for years. So we took on that task and we got 3 new investigator's from it. And a couple references because the original person didn't live there anymore but the new person was interested too!
Old Madrid Cuatro Caminos-1906

First we got Christian,. his parents were meeting with the missionaries when he was very young and then one day didn't come back. We passed by the house and he was there. Now he's 16 and let us in we talked about the Book of Mormon with him and left him with something to read. We are meeting with him tomorrow so we will see how it went. 

We also met Celia and Masheila, a mom and her daughter. They had been taught once before and so they got a lot from the lesson the second time. The spirit was very strong and it was just a great visit. We really hope things go well. We are actually going to paint one of their rooms this Wednesday.
Cuatro Caminos- 2014


We met a lot of people this week. So hopefully we will met with them next week. My comp just got back from an area with not that many people in the streets. So now to be in the main part of the city, where there are tons of people, he is going crazy contacting and I love it!

This has been our week. I hope yours was good. Looks like everyone went and saw the Lego Movie which sounds cool. Spain is super behind on movies. They advertise months later which is pretty funny.So I'll see that poster in 3 months!

Have a great week. Mom and Dad travel safe. Love you all!

-Elder Stevenson

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