Monday, February 10, 2014

Pricipe Pio and Plaza de Castilla

Pricipe Pio -train/ metro stop
Hola Familia!

We had a super good week this week! 

We worked a lot with Joy and Tristan. We watched the Restoration dvd with them and the spirit was so strong! When we talked about it after they shared how they felt inside and didn't know what it was, so I explained that they were feeling the spirit and it was testifying to them that these things are true. They were kind of stunned because it was a totally new feeling for them. Went back another day to teach the law of chastity and we thought it would be easy because Tristan was kicked out of his old church for ``marrying´´ Joy, but turns out they are not legally married. Also Joy is married to another man in the Philippines but he left her and apparently it takes 5-10 years to get the anulment because they don't have divorce there. We were very sad leaving from their home that day but we know it will happen some day. We are just praying for a way that the prosses can go faster! We then went by again Saturday and read a little bit more from Joseph Smith History explaining how the plates came to be. We picked them up Sunday morning and they came to church with us and will be returning again. Then that night barrio 5 had a baptism and so they went to that too. If they were married we would for sure be having a baptism, but it will happen. 

We were also able to meet with Omar and Stefanie this week explained more about the Plan of Salvation and talked about a marrage plan and they weren't really sure at first but we asked them to pray about it. I think they did because Sunday they came to church and it was ALL about the family. So hopefully they did pray and hopefully they noticed that answer. They also would love to return next week!
Guess who lost???

This week we met with a man that we met right outside of our piso and he seemed very nervous and shy and so we didn't know what to expect when we went over. Anyways his name is Marco. He is from Ecuador. We taught him the Restoration and he really enjoyed it. Elder Lloyd and Fonseca went over Friday during comp exchanges and taught the Plan of Salvation. They said it went really well. He came to church with us also Sunday and had really good questions during gospel principals. When we were going to leave he turned and told me that he really liked it but he wasn't ready to get baptized yet. We hadn't even asked him yet but he has it on his mind that he is really trying to find the truth. I feel like good things will come from him, and don't worry we are going to invite him this week.

Thursday, we went out to Tres Cantos to teach the friend of our high counselor. His name is Juan he is from Peru. He has a wife and 1 kid and they are actually legally married! His wife and kid are still living in Peru right now but the mom is actually meeting with sister missionaries there! This man was a member reference so we hope all goes well. He is coming to a baptism and church next week. We're excited!
Plaza de Castilla

We also met with Pablo and he still hasn't talked with his parents. = (

Well this has pretty much been our week. It went really well! Just hope the best for all of our investigators. Have a great week. Love you!!

-Elder Stevenson

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