Monday, March 3, 2014

Mission Tour

Same as home! (kinda)

We have had a really good week! 

Marco ceases to amaze me. He is still reading in the Book of Mormon and praying and still coming to church! His date is still for the 13th and we are still working on that. Tuesday, we went over to teach about the spirit a little more because that was the topic Sunday and he said he hadn't felt it. We showed him the patterns of light videos by Elder Bednar. Then we read Galatians 5:22 -23 talking about the gifts of the spirit and he said that he had felt a ton of them while reading expecially in Alma 40 where it talks about the Plan of Salvation. He talked about that a lot and so we showed him step by step that he had felt the spirit. Then Thursday we had a super good lesson talking about the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. Marco drinks coffee but he said he was super willing to drop it so we will check up on that tomorrow. There is also more that happened in that lesson but I will talk about it a bit latter.

Joy and Tristan are still doing super well. Just building up their testimony right now. We read with them and showed the longer Joseph Smith movie. It went super well. Tristan came to church Sunday and met Joseph, our high counsel member, and they made good friends with each other which was super good. Then after church we went to Tristian's house along with Joseph the have dinner. Joseph shared some really powerful things with them talking about how goodness isn't rightousness and highly encouraged them to start on the marriage process. We are taking them down to Pavones to see the temple on Saturday and there we will talk more about it.

Our new investigator, Celia, is doing well. She works taking care of someone so while the person she watches over sleeps, she reads the Book of Mormon! She went from the intro to 1 nephi 7 in 1 week! She is super awesome but one of my problems is finding people who are not married! But shouldn't be as hard as Joy and Tristan to get married.

We also met with Pablo this week and did our fast. We read 1 Nephi 3 talking about how the Lord will prepare ways so we can do what he needs us to do. We set a date for the 22nd for Pablo to be baptized. Hopefully he talked to them while he was fasting!

We met with Adriana and Mari on Monday. This time their sister was finally there so we got a new investigator with her. We also talked about the spirit with them and just had a super good lesson. We will be going over tomorrow to talk about the rest of the Plan of Salvation. We want to set a date for the 30th of this month.
Mission Tour - Elder Teixeira

On Thursday, we had a mission tour with the area seventy of Europe and had some great training during which I got to help a ton with demonstrations. The one picture you saw was us doing a street contact just introducing and really stating a lot of our purpose right there at the beginning and giving a lot of options to really work best with the person. Then later on he asked who had a progressing investigator. Since we have Marco, I raised my hand and he called me up there and asked me a ton of info about Marco. He then asked me how Marco would feel if when we prayed to start or end that lesson if we could pray for certain people in his family. I told him he would probably tell us of people. Then Elder Teixeira said exactly! And talked about that's how we can find more people to teach or just build up the work. When we went to see Marco that day we tried it (President Teixeira was going to acompany us to that lesson but had to fly to the Islands, that would have been a really good member present. with a member of the seventy!) But anyways, we tried it and he told us of his aunt and niece, that are going through hard times and we prayed for them by name. And then later we talked about those people and were able to get a coulpe references, but they live in Ecuador. Hopefully they will accept the gospel also. This way is how President Teixeira was baptized along as 40 other members of his family.

When you find gold don't move to another spot. There will probably be more gold in that same spot!

Hope you all had a great week and can't wait to tell you how this process goes as we use it with more people!

Love you all!!

-Elder Stevenson

Interesting- Another Church is making their pamphlets similar to ours.  = /


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