Monday, March 31, 2014

¡Me quedo! (I'm staying)

Hey family!
I'm still in the same area with Elder Anderson no changes. We have to help other missionaries change though so I'm just sending a quick note while Elder Anderson signs up for college classes. 

Mom Elder Gillam ended his mission today so if you could add him on Facebook and keep me updated I would like that.

I'll send more later.

-Elder Stevenson

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Hey Family! or "Because God is our Heavenly Father, we are all brothers and sisters. We would like to refer to you as brothers and sisters." (PMG How to Begin Teaching)

Things are still going well here in Madrid. As you already know I'm staying here with Elder Anderson. It got cold again here and now it's raining. Rained pretty hard the other day and completely soaked my jacket. We had to change because we were so wet! Super exited that I'm staying because we are going to have a ton of success! 

Proselyting wise our week went pretty well!

Marco is still a machine. We had a very powerful and bold lesson with him on Tuesday talking about General Conference and how there he will know that these men are prophets and apostles of God. Therefore testifying to him that the church is true. It was a super powerful lesson and probably the most bold I have been. He now has a new date for the 13th of April. We are super excited. We also talked about tithing. He has officially received all of the lessons. Just needs an answer! 
Joy and Tristan are still well. We are going to start treating them more like members and get them more involved in the ward. Just keep them coming and growing their testimony until they get married and baptized. Triie had her third birthday this week so that was pretty fun. She was super excited. They're such a great family.

We found a super amazing new family this week. They were from the area book. We passed by and the only reason they stopped investigating was because the hermanas a while ago left and contact was never regained when the new ones came. They are 3 people from Bolivia. Said they already feel like a part of the church. They just need a little push to do the things they are supposed to to get an answer. We are more than willing to help them out with that. We are going to set a date with this family and baptize them Elder Anderson's last day in the field. Ending strong.

Patricia is doing really well. She read the chapter we left with her and liked it a lot. We had a kinda different lesson with her this week. We brought a member that no one had taken before beause we need to get the ward more involved here. So we took him and he would interupt at the most awkard moment and say the most random comments. It was super tough. Sometimes it's tough with members because they don't know what to teach nor how. EVERY MEMBER SHOULD READ PREAH MY GOSPEL. You will know the dotrine in really simple teachable terms. You will know what the points are that we teach so you can stick along with topic the during the lesson, know what we are talking about,  what we are going to talk about, and they will learn the teaching skills they need. I highly recomend it. 
Other then that I don't really remember some of the other lessons we had. It was a long week with the rain. We had a zone training too so that took some time. Then half of Tuesday, I was with Elder Ward while our comps were at a meeting.

Hope everyone had a good week and has a good week!
-Elder Stevenson 

Regular Doner Kebab

  So this is doner kebab in a cup and what a regular kebab looks like. Don't know what that was you ate in Utah :P
Doner in a cup

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