Monday, March 17, 2014


Hey Family!

We had a super good/ bad week but I liked it.

The only reason it was bad was because no one wanted to meet with us! But the ones that did meet with us are super good.

We had a family home evening on Monday with Marco at a members home. We  had a really good lesson about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can be forgiven. He seemed to enjoy it a lo.t We are going to do another next Monday. We also met later in the week to read a little of the Book of Mormon with him. Once again he came to church and is still reading and praying. We are hoping that he will feel the spirit a ton at General Conference and will get baptized the next week. We are going to set a new date for the 13th which is also Elder Andersons birthday which will be really cool.

We met with Tristan and Joy again this week. Tristan really wants to be baptized and so we are trying to figure out the fastest way possible for that to happen with the whole marriage thing. Tristan had work but they made him work on Sundays and so he missed one Sunday because of it and then quit! Then he found another job where he doesn't have to work Sunday! Finding jobs in Spain right now is SUPER hard. The unemployment is 25% and so that is a super huge miracle! It's super amazing. 

We got two super cool new investigators this week. Patricia and Rosa both from Ecuador. We taught the Restoration and Rosa had a ton of questions but they were answered very easily. She then started talking about a bunch of other churches she had visited and how she wanted one that baptizes in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. I see Elder Anderson quickly change the card that he had marked Alma 7 with and changed it to 3 nephi 11. Hopefully she likes it and feels the spirit we have good faith in them.

Other than that it was just some normal lessons with people that have some interest but don't put forth the effort to know. We are working really hard on finding out people's desires because in the beginning of the transfer we were recieving a lot of references but not many new investigators. From all the phone numbers I have in my agenda, the only one turned into a new investigator was from the street. Others were soccer and English classes. Just finding activities. so we are working hard on that.

Now to talk about Tuesday! It was sooooo much fun!! The entire scene was just insane! It was really cool because everything was in Spanish and German. We met some people from Berlin so that was cool. We had pretty good seats. Got to see a sick goal by Cristiano Renaldo right in front of us. Everyone adores him. It's pretty funny. Real Madrid won 3-1 so that was nice. It was such a cool opportunity to go.
The roar of the crowd! Sooo Crazy!

Hope everyone has a great week! love you all!

-Elder Stevenson

Real Madrid Stadium

Gooooal! Real Madrid!



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