Monday, March 24, 2014


Narcisos at the Madrid Temple
Hey Family!

We had a pretty good week this week!

Marco decided to still meet with us so we are still working with him trying to gain a testimony. We watched the Joseph Smith Movie with him which he really liked.   
Then we read the scriptures one day. He still came to church this Sunday so that's good. Tonight we are going to do a FHE with him tonight and our ward mission leader. hopefully it goes well! We want to get him baptized before the end of the transfer. 

Joy and Tristian are still doing pretty well. We went to visit them and their friend that just moved into the ward. When we got there they had a ton of friends over! It was super cool! We taught all of them and they promised to come to church. We are going to pick them up Sunday morning. I'm excited! Right before that lesson we had just gotten done eating with a member who fed us a ton. Right as we get there, they had a buffet of food set out... I thought I was going to die! Then right after we got fed again! Yesterday was a struggle for us.

We found a super cool guy on Wednesday. His name is Jorge. The beginning of the transfer we were passing by some people and in one we met a man named Richard he gave us his number and then said come back later. We did but this time Richard wasn't there but Jorge was so he invited us in. We had a super good lesson about the Book of Mormon. Then Friday, a member comes up and asks us if we are teaching Jorge? We say yes turns out a member lives in that piso too! Now hopefully he will help us out while we're not there!

We also met with a lady named Marilena. She has a super cool family and is super interested. She's from Venezuela and super awesome. Hopefully things go well there.

We met with Johnathan a couple more times this week. At first he seemed super solid and so Wednesday we invited him to be baptized. Friday we were going to put him on date but he came with a ton of scriptures in the Bible about the Godhead. He was just basically Bible bashing. We are going to try and meet one more time and see if he is reading or not.

We had some crazy experiences this week. Mostly pertaining to drunk people in the streets of Madrid. There was one man that was asking why the Book of Mormon wasn't just combined with the Bible? I told him it's because they are two separate records from different parts of the world. He asked why the Americans didn't just tell them what was going on? I asked him how could they do that? He just yells out "Facebook!" I said but they didn't have facebook back then. He insisted that yes they did. He said a lot of thing that didn't make sense. It was pretty crazy.

It was nice being able to go to the temple this week. One of the good things about serving in Madrid. Thursday was super long because I was on a train to and back from Villalba because Elder Anderson went on a companion exchange. So that was fun! Other than that we have just been teaching. we had a lot of lessons. There were days we were running from place to place and didn't get a break untill we went home at night. It was crazy but I like it when days are like that.

Hope everyone had and has a great week. I love you all!

-Elder Stevenson


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