Monday, March 10, 2014

´´I will not fail thee nor forsake thee´´

Plaza de Castilla

Hello family!

We had a tough but good week this week.

First off some sad news. Marco came to church on Sunday and told us how he will not be getting baptized next week. He then tried to drop us but we told him that it's fine if he's not ready by next week. But we still want to work with him to help him gain the testimony he is looking for. We had a very powerful lesson with him and he has felt the spirit. He is just looking for some huge illumination that these things are true and he just hasn't gotten that. It doesn't always work that way. Even David A. Bednar said he has never had that. It's just tough trying to get him to understand that. We are going to be meeting again tomorrow and so hopefully we can help him gain that testimony. 

A lot of our appointments also failed us this week. Which was really tough and so by the time Sunday came and Marco told us that, both Elder Anderson and I were feeling pretty down. But the reason I put that title is because Sunday afternoon we went back to work. Still working just as hard even though we were down. Then we get a text saying this ´´Hi would I be able to talk to you a little about your church? You gave me your number the other day and I would like to talk.´´ When we contact, if anyone doesn't want anything at the moment, we try and leave them with the little I'm a Mormon Cards that have the website, church address and our phone number. We got a text message that every missionary desires. The one that everyone thinks is impossible and it just lifted us up and we were super happy. Even when times get hard and people don't keep the commitments they need to or whatever it may be. Just keep going strong and the Lord will take care of the rest.

We had some other really good lessons this week. We taught one in the park on Friday. (Last Monday was one of the coldest days of my life! It was horrible and now it's super hot!! We are working in short sleeves. It's that warm!) Anyway we taught 2 men, named Jonathin & Stalin, one is 22 and the other 27. They just gave up drugs and drinking. We had a great first lesson. Something really kind a funny/cool happened right as Elder Anderson testified about the Book of Mormon. A dove came down and landed on the fountain right in front of us! "...and the spirit descended in the form of a dove." It was pretty awesome. 

We also met a new man, named Enri or Eric we're not sure. He told us Enri but we taught him at the church and right as we leave the sisters ask him his name and he says Eric. The lesson we had was pretty tough because he speaks French and has only been here in Spain like a year. So he doesn't speak Spanish very well.

Adriana, Mari, and Jannet are doing really well. We invited them to be baptized and they accepted. We are going to set a date tomorrow. Super excited for that, they are a great family. Adriana looks like she could be a Relief Society President some day. When I first met Jannet it felt like I had met her somewhere before. But I really hadn't. They are super awesome.

We also found out that Joys marriage annulment should only take a year now. So hopefully all goes well there! I want to see their baptismal picture in the bulletin before I go home! They are super awesome. Tristan just found work but they make him work Sundays. He told us if they don't give him Sunday for his free day. He is going to find a new one which was super awesome! He really wants to join the church.


Well, this has pretty much been our week. Writing it out makes it seem better than it felt. It was just super diffacult getting cancelled a lot. But we still had a lot of miracles and good lessons! We get to go to the temple this week. I'm excited for that. We didn't get to go last transfer because of cleaning and the transfer before that we went early in the transfer so I haven't been for months. Should be a good day. We are probably going to a soccer game next week so don't be worried if I don't write on Monday because my p day will be on Tuesday if we go. It's a champeons league game Real Madrid vs. Schalke 04 some German team.

Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all a ton!!!

Elder Stevenson

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