Monday, September 22, 2014

New Companion!

Hello Family!

We had a really good week this week.

First, I spent my Tuesday in A Coruña with Elder Hendricks. It was a really good day, tons of success. It's a really good area up there. It also started raining super hard. We had to take shelter for a minute because we didn't have umbrellas and we were soaking wet.  That was fun but overall a good day.

Then on Wednesday, we got to pick up our companions! I'm training Elder Hathaway and guess where he is from... Indianapolis, Indiana just like Elder Gorge! It was pretty funny when he told me that. He is super cool, plays soccer, and baseball. He's 18 and he was only in the MTC for 2 weeks because he already speaks Spanish. He studied in Mexico for a little while. 

Later that day, we went and visited Junior, Elder Hathaway's first lesson in the field was in English. Then we met with Wellington. He is doing pretty well. Still working towards his date but he still hasn't come to church. But he will be able to go to General Conference in 2 weeks so that will be nice. I'm really excited for conference. Then he got to meet Margarita. We were able to teach her son more and he was actually able to go to church again this week but in Ourense. He is doing really well.

Thursday was a good day. Something interesting happened... We found Luis! He said he would be out of town but he was at home. We were able to teach him. He's doing alright. He's just so old that nothing really stays in his head. He still hasn't come to church. He even said we could come by and pick him up on Sunday but he didn't answer the door! We went by later and he said he had slept until 1 so we will work on him coming to church. We also found Elilio, a man Elder Gorge and I gave service to last week. We were able to teach him again. He also promised to come to church but didn't. We saw him later Sunday and he said he was at a family reunion. We did meet with someone that did come to church, Andrea! She is still doing super well even though we tried to set a baptismal date for October because she said she wanted to get baptized soon but she denied it she was thinking more in December so we are going to work with her because she is prepared and wants to do it. She even is being trained to be the new primary president because she has two daughters that go, so its super cool!
This is Luis-he's so tiny = )
We had a really cool experience Friday. We had very little to do so we decided to go pass by Graciela, Margarita's friend. She was home and let us in! It was her daughter's birthday so she let us come up and gave us food... and let us teach her friends and older two children! It was a really cool experience and they have interest so I hope things go well.
So on Sunday when we went to go get Luis on the way to the church, we hear a man say ``Hey Elders!´´ in the most American voice I have heard in a long time. His name is Joe. He is from Provo. He was doing the Camino to Santiago so he decided to come to church in Lugo. Now here's the it's a small world in the church experience. He served in the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo East mission just like Matt. He even knows Matt! So it was pretty cool. Also yesterday we had the biggest rain and thunder storm I have seen in my life! We were walking to a lesson and it started. It got to the point where it felt like we were under a water fall and the cracks of lightning were inseperable from the flashes! It was right on top of us this storm. So we took shelter for a bit because it was so bad. The streets turned to rivers in minutes because we were going down hill. I started recording it on my camara and right then about a football field in front of us lightning hits the ground. If you take the video frame by frame you can see the bolt it's pretty cool! But we're all safe.
Well, this has been our week. Hope everyone had a good one too.
Love You!!!
-Elder Stevenson

The District

Elder Christensen



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