Monday, September 15, 2014

Staying in Lugo and I'M TRAINING ANOTHER!!

Waterfall = )   It's man made but the pictures look cool! And the misty breeze felt great on a warm day.

Hey Family

Just wanted to send off a quick note. Elder Gorge is getting transferred and so we have to go do transfer stuff this morning but I will email later. He is going to Madrid in B9 and I'm going to stay here in Lugo with.... I DON'T KNOW! I'M TRAINING ANOTHER!! So I will let you know next week. Well we have to go catch trains. I have to wait in A Coruña until Wednesday for my companion so I'm staying with the missionaries up there. Talk to you later!

-Elder Stevenson

Hey Family!
I made it to A Coruña safe. Now I just have to wait until Wednesday for my new Companion. I got on the train and was asking the people which car and seat I was in and they tell me to walk down the hall. I get to the first class room and the guy looks at my ticket and says just sit down wherever you want in here. There are open seats. For a 2 hour train ride, I got to sit in first class. This is a train hotel because they are over night trips. (The train started in Barcelona.) The seat had sooo much space and reclined into a bed. : ) I enjoyed the last 2 hours.

Anyway, we had a great week this week! 
Me and  Elder Gorge

We were able to teach Margarita's other son this week. He lives in Valencia over by Barcelona. He was here visiting and so we were invited over. We were able to teach the Restoration to him and his girlfriend and they really liked it. We were able to get their reference and pass it to the missionaries over there. Also the son that lives in Lugo, right now his wife is living in Ourense, another city in Galicia. She was at one lesson one time. Yesterday, we found out she and her friend went to the church in Ourense! It was super cool to hear and even better they went on their own!

Andrea is also doing super well! We had a lesson with her on Thursday and she shared the story about how she met Guiermo, the member that invited her to come to church. She said she had just left her church and she had been praying to know what path she should take in her life because she was having problems. Right after is when she met him! Elder Gorge was talking to her yesterday after church and she said ``You can't go now. You will miss my baptism in a couple weeks!´´ Elder Gorge and I just look at each other in awe. We will for sure have her on a date after Thursday. My trainee will like that!

Wellington is also doing super well. He is still excited for his date and we were able to finish The Plan of Salvation and he really liked that. All is going well but he still hasn't come to church! He really needs to! We will keep working with him and praying.

Luis is doing well. We met with him every day this week but then Saturday he went on vacation and will be gone for 2 weeks. That will be tough. but all is well with him.

For the past 12 weeks we have been trying to get a hold of a less active named Charles. He is from Nigeria. Once we baptize Junior, we really wanted him to come back to church so he could have a friend but he never answered the phone. Well this week we had a great miracle... he answered! And invited us over right then! We went over and had a great talk and encouraged him to come back to church... and he came!! He really liked it too! We were super happy!

Other than that, a good old normal week. Hope everyone is well and has a good week.
Love you all!!

-Elder Stevenson

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