Monday, September 29, 2014

Looking Forward to General Conference

La Cathedral
Hey family
We had a really good week this week!

Okay first on Wednesday, we had a Zone Training Meeting and they talked a lot about the importance of baptismal dates. So we thought about it and thought: "Why don't all the people we are teaching have dates? What are they even progressing towards?" So we prayed and planned dates to set with every single person, and that's where the miracles started.

First off Andrea. She is still progressing really well! We met on Tuesday without the plan of setting a date and we talked more about prophets and General Conference. She listens to General Conference talks every day. She was super excited to learn that we have 10 hours of new talks for her this weekend. 12 with the Women's Broadcast. She has already listened to about 50 talks. Anyway, we ended the lesson and were just talking because a member was going to give us food. She mentions a dream she had when she was younger. She saw a desert and storm clouds but above it was white clouds and Jesus Christ was decending surounded by angels sounding trumpets. Elder Hathaway and I turn to each other with the same picture in our minds that you all have right now. Luckily, Elder Hathaway had his Preach My Gospel and I knew that picture is in there and so I pull it out and show it to her and everything goes very quiet. And the spirit testifies to her the truth of these things. She just started crying and says it's exactly what I saw in my dream. For 24 years she had remembered that dream and it was shown to her in that picture. Then on Sunday we had a really great Sacrament Meeting. She comes to me after and asks what was the date of the two men getting baptized? I told her October 18th and she said I want to be baptized that day too. We are very excited for her. She is very prepared.
This picture is what she saw in her dream.

Then, we were able to set another baptismal date with a person named Fredy, a Dominican that owns a little store. We always teach him there. He understands a lot of what we teach. He reads and he really wants to change. We invited him to be baptized on October 25th and so we are going to work really hard with him to help achieve that goal that he has.

Then Oscar, Margarita's son. We were able to meet with him on Friday because he came to our English Class. Afterward, we were able to teach him and talk. He opened up to us a lot and how he has the desires to be in the church one day with all his friends and family. We went over the next day and invited him to be baptized on the 29th of November and he accepted! We are very excited for him and his progression.

Unfortunately, there were people that didn't want to accept their date but it happens. We invited them to keep reading and praying.

So funny story and super weird. We are teaching a man named Elilio and he told us he was coming to church. He even said we could come pick him up in the morning. So we go by and he is at the downstairs door waiting with the Book of Mormon in his hand. We say alright lets go to church and he said no, other people are coming to get me and take me to there church by the train station. We just stand there confused and ask him, "Then why do you have your Book of Mormon with you?" and he answers, "Because it's the word of God." We say, "Well yes that is true but we are the only ones that believe that. If you take that to the other church, they will reject it as the word of God." So anyway we try and help him come to church but he insists he's going with the other people so we let him cuz we had to get to church. I'm really interested to find out what happened.

This was our week. A super good one. Keep the people with dates in your prayers! Love you all thanks for the support!

-Elder Stevenson

El Camino de Santiago

a marker for the Camino


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