Monday, October 6, 2014

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Hello Family!
Well we had a really good week again this week!
Andrea is still progressing incredibly well. We were able to meet with her a couple of times this week and she came to every session of General Conference we could watch because of the time difference. We saw the Saturday Morning, Priesthood, Relief Society, and Sunday Morning sessions. She wrote down a lot of the questions and doubts that she had on a piece of paper and she received an answer to everything. We were talking about her baptism and how she won't be in Lugo on the 18th so she asked if she could do it earlier! We are going to meet with her on Tuesday and see what she says and then Thursday do the interview then Saturday the baptism! Hopefully all will go well. She basically spent the entire week in the church she wants to be there. So we will see how it goes.

Wellington is doing really well. He finally came to church this week! He came to one of the sessions of conference. He has his date for the 18th and he is progressing towards it. So we are super happy!
We have also been meeting with a family. They are a reference from Margarita and are super cool! The kids do really well with reading the Book of Mormon and they love the visits. They are progressing really well the have a date for November 29th. So we're excited.
Oscar, Margarita's son is also doing really well. We had a very spiritual lesson with him about repentance and resisting temptation. He had read 2 Nephi ch. 4 and it basically drove the entire lesson. He is doing really well and his girlfriend that lives in Ourense looked for the missionaries because she has seen the change in his life and how she wants it too. She and her daughter are both on a baptismal date also.

pulpo gallego: best meal in the mission so far!
One of our investigator's named Edimicio, a man from Brazil who still basically only speaks Portuguese, came to conference, all the sessions, and enjoyed it a lot. He was also able to establish a nice relationship with the members which was good. He was a man that we hadn't been able to meet with for a couple weeks but we just called him and invited him and he came. It was a really good experience for him.
The work is just going super well here right now. The members are finally helping and people are finally progressing which is great.
Hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed conference as well. Love you all and hope you have a great week!!

-Elder Stevenson



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