Monday, October 27, 2014

Transfers: Staying in Lugo!

Hey family!

Last year, I got transferred right before my birthday, the members didn't really know me so my birthday was well spent with the missionaries in Mostoles. Well transfers came yesterday and... I get to spend it with all the members I have known for 4 months now! We are having a party on Friday, should be fun!  I also get to finish training Elder Hathaway! I'm excited!
clichè train track
We had a pretty good week. This week we have been working a lot with a lady named Graciela and her two kids. We have been focusing a lot lately on getting her to church. We thought the key would be her friend Alejandra that we just started teaching this week. We focused a lot on the importance of church attendance with her too. Both of them talked to each other and planned on coming with their kids. We called Saturday night just confirming that they were still coming and they still said yes. But then Sunday comes and they didn't go. It's one of the struggles we have had lately getting people to church. But the kids are still doing well. One of the kids shared the Book of Mormon with his teacher and she accepted it. Which is really cool that he is sharing the gospel.

Wellington is also doing well. We are helping him get his girlfriend to move out. He is afraid to do it because he doesn't like being alone. But he knows he needs to so he wants to. He still has trouble getting up for church too. This week he should of come because we had the time change and we got an hour more of sleep. We've finished all of the lessons so now it's just a matter of those two things.
You all motivated me to get sushi this week!
Good ol crunch roll!

We also were doing some old investigator calls last week. We were able meet with one of them. His name is Alfonso. He's from Venezuela so Andrea can help a lot there. He is super prepared though! He said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and he wants to be baptized. Work just gets in the way of him coming to church. We are excited to work with him.
Other than that, we contacted a lot this week because we are trying to find new people. Saturday was super hard though because the only time we had to contact were the two hours during the Real Madrid vs. Barça game. There was noooooo one! But we were able to find one!
I decided to learn the dialect of Spanish that they speak up here. It's pretty cool. I can present myself as a missionary and say some phrases that impress people. 
 In spanish it would be:
Hola somos misioneros de la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias. tenemos un libro llamado el libro de mormon. habla de los pueblos en las Americas.

In galego it's:

Ola son un misioneiro da igrexa de Xesucristo dos santos dos ultimos dias. Temos un livro chamado o Livro de Mormon. fala dos povos en as Americas.

Similar but different. It's fun!
Hope everyone has a great week! Enjoy Halloween!

-Elder Stevenson


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