Monday, November 3, 2014

Feliz Cumpleanos Elder Stevenson!

Hey Family!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  I had a very fun birthday. For lunch, I decided to make a tradicional dish of Galicia because it's really good! We made Octopus! It went on sale so we said why not and turned out really well! I have gotten into cooking a lot recently. Especially South American food. Super good! My comp keeps asking if he will have other comps that know how to cook these things. He really likes it. We then had a really good ward activity. A couple of our miracle families came and the members did a great job fellowshiping them!

One of these families is Alejandra, the mother of Wellington's girlfriend. She and her son came and loved it. We met with them a couple times this week. They are doing really well but couldn't come to church because the son got really sick. But they are awesome.

The other family walked into the church one day asking about our English classes for her son, Valentin, who's 14 years old. Later he lets us come to his house and we were able to share a message. They are very prepared. The mom basically has the same beliefs just doesn't want to change. But Andrea was talking to her and just flat out said, "Don't miss out on the blessings in store for you. Make the change!" She is really thinking about it and the son is super willing to be baptized. He loves the church. We are really excited to work with them.

We are basically still at the same point with the other people. Can't progress until they come to church.

But this week, it wasn't just members that came to church. A family that has 2 daughters that live outside of Lugo. The 2 daughters came and a guy we met in the street one day came and really liked it. So we want to work a lot with these people!

Hope everyone has a great week love you!!!
-Elder Stevenson

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