Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey everyone!

We had an amazing week full of miracles! We have been waiting for a couple weeks now. After weeks of 0 to 1 investigators coming to church, we had 5 this week! We have been working so hard and it finally paid off.

During our zone training and conferences we have had the past two weeks, we talked a lot about getting people to church and how we can better it. So Elder Hathaway and I worked really hard. One thing that changed that hadn't even caught my attention much, but I feel like was the key was Preach My Gospel says make plans of things we need to do EVERY DAY to get them to come. So that's what we did. We talked about church attendance every day with them.

Plus the miracle family helped us out. About a month ago, we got a reference for a lady who lived on the 3rd floor of a building. We hit the button outside to get in the building and it opened. We go up to the 3rd floor the person isn't there. We start wondering who opened the door. So we decided to talk to all the people in the building and a lady on the first floor named Fatima opened the door and was busy but said we could pass by a different day and gave us her number. Well for a month we passed by and called and weren't able to meet. Saturday morning, we had some plans but I put the back up plan to pass by her house. She was there and let us in! We didn't want to take much time so we taught them about the Book of Mormon and invited them to read pray and come to church. We set up with them to call and come by in the morning and they were ok with that and they came! They enjoyed  church a lot. We are meeting with them again on Tuesday and plan to work really hard with them. 

We are also working hard with that part member family. The daughters only come on the weekend so we try and meet everyday. They are doing really well. They also came to church. = )

We lost a lot of our baptismal dates this week. We found out Oscar, Margarita's son, is going to stay in Valencia for a while then go to Colombia. Valentin wasn't able to come to church so we have to change that date. And Graciela, I guess is done with us. We had a lesson planned for Friday and we go over she's not there. I call her she realizes who it is and hangs up on me! So we went and visited Andrea and she gave us a member reference of a lady that lives below her and she came down and introduced us to her. It was really cool. But anyways than I call Graciela the next day she answers and then hangs up again when she realized it was us again. So we are working hard with thess new people to get them on dates.

Hope everyone had a great week. I love you all!!

-Elder Stevenson

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