Monday, November 24, 2014

One of the Happiest Weeks of my Life

Roman and Me
 Hey Family!

We had a REALLY good week this week. The members didn't help us much but we are meeting with Leo & Alejandro a ton!

They basically don't do much in the afternoon and love us so they always let us come over. They have really good desires and ask very good questions. They are also very good at keeping commitments, reading, praying, church. They do it all happily with desires to know. They are growing immensely. We put them on a baptismal date for the 6th of December

Valentin is also doing really well. Met with him a couple times this week but it's a little more difficult to meet because the mom is usually working but we will be going over tomorrow. It's really nice to be teaching these youth because we can bring the other youth to the lessons to help strengthen them too. A lot have desires to serve missions so we are showing them how it is. Plus all the youth need some help. It's a weird time in their lives.

Our Branch President is still doing really well with helping us. Every Sunday he zips us around in his car so we can visit a lot of people because we aren't walk everywhere. We have also started doing splits with the members and that is helping a ton. Our Branch President was with us when we were talking about the somewhat low number of member present lessons we had this week. He asks us how many we want and we have a goal of ten because we have gotten 9 a good number of times but never 10. Then he asks what days we get the most and it's Sunday when he comes with us. He told us he wants to do it more than just Sunday then. This week he wants us to get 15 with a member so we will see how it goes! 

I think with all the investigators we have coming to church, they are seeing that we actually work well and now they want to help. 

On Saturday, we went to a village outside of Lugo called Sarria to visit a less active family that is coming back into activity. They want to baptize there daughter so we went to teach about the baptismal covenants. It was a good visit. Because of the bus schedule we had to wait there for a while and so they made us food. It has been one of the days that I have eaten the most on my mission. First they bring out a HUGE pot of lentejas or I think it's lintels in English. Not sure never ate them before the mission but I love them. Anyway, 2 big bowls of that and I was pretty full. I thought that was all we were going to eat. but then they bring out probably the biggest pizza I have seen in my life! Gave us a huge slice. I struggled to finish. Then of course there is always room for dessert. Bring out cake. They left the room while we were eating it and Elder Hathaway had to have me finish. He was dying! I was pretty dead after too. Sarria is the country, a lot of crops grown there. So they gave us a couple things to take home. First was a fruit that if you eat it while its green or yellow and not when it's orange, it's one of the spiciest things ever. 

Second they gave us eggs that every single one has two yolks. We ate eggs Sunday morning and it is true. Super funny.

This week was probably one of the happiest of my life. Andrea, who was just baptized a little over a month ago, went to the temple for the first time to do baptisms and confirmations. This is true happiness.

Anyway, that was our fun week. Hope everyone had a good one too.
Love you!!
-Elder Stevenson 
Some pics with the Halloween Mustache

pensive English Gent?
I also set up the Christmas tree and Spain is super cool!


Hey, I did get the package. Thank you sooo much!! I am wearing the socks right now.
I hung up the Advent Calendar. = )



  1. So fortunate to have the opportunity to serve in Galicia. I know Lugo, and have visited Sarria. Wonderful place, and the gallegos are fantastic, living, open people. Thank you for sharing, Bryce!