Monday, December 1, 2014



Hey everyone!

We did get to celebrate Thanksgiving. We bought turkey legs. just like Disneyland!

This was a pretty interesting week. Wellington almost got deported again. This time they sent him down to Madrid and he was in the airport but then they sent him back to Lugo. The judge in Madrid said there is nothing wrong with his papers and he is doing what he needs to do. They gave him a paper saying he can't be detained for his papers because they don't know why the police in Lugo are doing it. Anyways, he is back again. He is going to start coming to church more even though he is dead tired from work. He says if I have been saved twice, I think God is trying to help me for some reason. And I feel that reason is you guys. So that was pretty cool.

Elder Hathaway falls asleep in cars really fast.

We are also working hard with Leo. He's is reading and praying which is great. He feels like the baptism is really close and that he doesn't really have great desirees to be baptized. We are trying to help him with that. He is for sure growing in testimony. We can already see it.
Our Brazilian investigator, who is moving back to Brazil today   = (

Other than that, we had a really tough week. Lost 9 of our investigators and got CHEWED out by a Peruvian lady. A lot are moving or they weren't progressing or they said they don't want to meet with us anymore. That was pretty tough. We did find a lot of new people in the street though. So hopefully we can meet with them soon. We are going to work really hard on that this week. New investigators because we need it.

Thanksgiving was nice. We do our weekly planning Thursday morning so we threw the turkey legs in the oven durning that. The house still smells like turkey. We made mashed potatoes, salad, and bought some croissants so it was pretty good. We just didn't have any pie!! The next day was Elder Hathaway's birthday so that was pretty nice. Instead of an octopus though we just had left over turkey. Still really good.

Well hope everyone had a great week love you all!

-Elder Stevenson

Andrea decorated me like a Christmas tree.

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