Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Call!!

Merry Christmas friends and family,
We had a great visit with Bryce on Christmas Day. So wonderful to see his happy smiley face. He google chatted with us at a members home. We loved hearing his Spanish. It sounds amazing. It was wonderful getting to visit with the whole family at the same time,even though we were so far apart.
Some highlights: The concert with David Archuleta was a free concert for members and investigators. He also did a fireside for just the missionaries. He shared experiences from his mission. He also talked about the recording of  Glorious for Meet the Mormons. He got a call from his Mission President while he was serving in Chile. His mission President had gotten a call from Church Headquarters in Salt Lake asking for his approval for Elder Archuleta to record the song. Both agreed and a crew was sent to Chile to record and film the song.
Bryce really enjoyed serving in Lugo. He really learned to rely on the Lord. It's a much smaller city than Madrid but they were able to find many people to teach and saw many miracles. There is just a small branch there. He said he has always been a people person but he is even more so after serving there. He learned to love and appreciate all of the members in the branch and is even more comfortable talking with and getting to know others. He loves the people there. He loved that part of Spain especially the coast. He said it's even more beautiful than his pictures show. And is so glad he chose to go on a mission. He has been blessed beyond measure.

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