Monday, January 12, 2015


January 5, 2015
hey fam,
 Sorry short letter this week. We had a long p day activity went to the snow. I'll tell more next week. All is going super well.
love you all!
-Elder Stevenson

Hey family!

Things are going really well. We had an amazing week this week!!

On Tuesday we were on our way to the mission home for a Leadership Counsel and while on the train we get a call. It was a guy named Roberto. He used to meet with the missionaries about a year ago but then moved. He recently moved back and Monday Night was thinking: "Where could he find people with good standards that he would like being around?" and then he thought... "THE MORMONS!" So, he called us. We have met three times already. He went to an activity with the YSA's and he has a date for the 7th of Feb. He is a super cool 23 year old Bolivian.

We have also been working really well with the members and bishopric and finally we were able to get some member references. We actually met with one. His name is Santiago. He is a YSA (Young Single Adult- it's a youth group in our church for those who are 18 and older) as well. My comp used to work in sales and one of the things they do to find future sales is give people a piece of paper and have them write names and numbers. So the member did it then invited us for food on Saturday and she brought him. He is so down to be taught the lessons and willing to come to church. We are really excited!

Marisa and Jerald are also doing really well. She was really sick this week so we couldn't meet. But she came to church this week. She also came last week. It's a mother and her son. Super cool.

It's really nice having some people to teach. We had some great miracles. Well hope you all had a great week. Love you!

-Elder Stevenson

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