Monday, January 19, 2015

Transfered! ish

Hey family!

This week was transfers and it was pretty interesting. We knew my comp was going to be released as zone leader and so we were wondering what was going to happen. Soooo we both stayed but are no longer comps. I went with the other missionary, Elder Hawks, the blonde one I have a lot of pictures with and Elder Williams new comp is Elder Montague, the missionary from Rancho that flew out with me! So that's how I got somewhat transferred. I have to change apartments and visit entirly new people but still in the same ward. He and I are the zone leaders. He has a transfer less than me in the mission. He's from Sandy Utah and we are basically already the best friends ever.

This week went ok. We found out that our progressing investigator doesn't live in our area so we had to pass him on to other missionaries. But we did find a really good investigator! His name is Abraham and he is from Peru. He works sewing clothes and so he is always in his little shop and said we can pass by whenever. He is really interested so that will be good for them.

My new area has some really cool investigators that I already know. One is Christian he is engaged to a member and he wants to get baptized so that will happen soon. He is a really great guy, honestly future bishop. So I'm pretty excited for this transfer. It should go well.

Last night we did a musical devotional and it turned out really well. Elder Hawks and I played the guitar and sang "Oh, My Father." It turned out really well. We also sang a song together. A man that the sisters are teaching came. He is an artist and he drew my face and gave it to me. It is super cool! He is also a really funny man.

Well hope every one had a great week. Love you all!

-Elder Stevenson

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