Monday, December 15, 2014

Navidad Devotional

Hey Family!!

We had a super good week this week a lot of cool experiences.

We didn't have any investigators and so we were on the search this week. We contacted a lot which was nice. Lugo is such a small town and there are not that many people. Now in Madrid, I have millions of people literally!! So it's pretty cool. We found some cool people. There is one person named Fernando that was super nice. We were able to teach him a couple times. 

We are also teaching someone named Catalina. She is really great and has great potential. 

We got some good references people with a lot of potencial. We're excited to teach them.

One guy came to church on Sunday, his name is Bollivar from Ecuador. He is a really good person. We're excited to work with him.

Not much has happened other than that. This Sunday, we have a devotional with ... DAVID ARCHULETA! It should be pretty cool. I'm planning on doing google chat Thursday at 5 here so 8 there, sound good? Have a great week.

Love you,
-Elder Stevenson


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