Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Birthday Packages and Tuesday P-Day

The Zone

Hey Family!!

 I didn't write yesterday because this week our p day changed to Tuesday because we have a zone conference. I just forgot to mention it last week.
We had a SUPER crazy/ scary week this week! Wellington almost got deported!
Headed to Zone Conference

Wellington has been working on his papers recently but they have been giving him some trouble. He has been telling us all about it. Anyways Wednesday we were going to meet with him and we go by and he isn't there. Which is weird, he is always there. I jokingly said to my comp maybe he Got deported. Thursday we go to teach his girlfriend's mom and there is his TV and computer and PlayStation at her house. She then asks if we know Quepi (his nickname) and we say yes. She says well he's getting deported. Leaves today at 9. Elder Hathaway and I are just freaking out and shocked and sad. He had been doing so well and then he was gone just like that... or so we thought. That night at like 9:30 we try calling one last time and the phone's off. So we thought he is for sure gone. Well Friday morning we decided to try him one more time and it starts ringing!! We were freaking out then he answers!! I was just like. "Wellington, where are you?" and he said "in the street" and just to be sure I asked, "of what country?" Luckily it was Spain! He told me he was scared too and he prayed and it turn out well. He told me on the phone that he did it like Nephi! We were pretty amazed. Apparently his boss gave him the papers he needs.
We got to ride in 1st Class again!
Other than that it was a normal week. We are working really hard with Valentin, the 14 year old that came to English class. We put him on a baptismal date on Sunday for the 29th of this month. He is progressing really well. Loves the church. Friday we had a branch activity where we watched the Joseph Smith Movie. He loved it, said he felt really good. He is praying and reading and everything. When he started meeting with us he didn't have that much faith and we can really see it growing right now. We are excited for him.

We are also working with a part member family. the 2 daughters live just outside of Lugo but are here on the weekend. So when they are here, we teach them and they are starting to progress a lot too.

We are also helping a woman in the branch come back to church and get her daughter baptized. Even though it's not a convert baptism, it's ok because we are helping this family come back to church by teaching the daughter about baptism.

Look at the size of this Shrimp!

We had a really cool experience this week. On Sunday, a member asked for a blessing to help him feel calm because he doesn't have work right now. In the blessing Elder Hathaway mentioned work would come soon. And yesterday a member calls us asking if there is anyone who needs work. We just quickly thought of him so it was very nice seeing that come through.

Hope you all had a great week. Thanks for the prayers and support. love you all!
-Elder Stevenson
"OOOOooh The CHOSEN One!
I did get the packages. I got them last Wednesday and thank you soooo much!! My comp is loving it a lot too. I was super excited when I saw the macadamia nuts! I love the shirt too! Very funny! Halloween was way more normal here in Lugo so that was nice.
Elder Stevenson (the chosen one)

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