Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Coruña soccer p day

Hey Family!

We had a really good week this week!

On Tuesday, we went and visited Andrea's friend Mario again. He hadn't read the chapter we left with him so we went along reading it with him. It was 2 Nephi Chapter 4 which is amazing. We thought it would be nice for him because he told us he had trouble falling into temptation so it was good. He said to us, "I'm glad we read that today, not yesterday but today was when I needed it." That was pretty cool. Then we met with him again on Friday and taught the Plan of Salvation. He really liked it and we invited him to be baptized on December 6th and he said yes! It's super cool and we are excited to help him towards that date.

We are also working really hard with Wellington trying to get him ready for baptism. He is doing the things he needs to except come to church!! But with the work he has he gets very little sleep. But soon he will come! It's really nice that we teach him in his barber shop because there are always people in there and he tells them to sit down and listen to us. He is our main source of new investigators which is nice.

Fredy is also doing well and helps us find people but he isn't coming to church either and he can! This week he said that without a doubt he would be there... didnt show. But things are going well. He's just getting some things in his life in order.

Wednesday, I got to go to El Ferrol for exchanges and when we pull into the city it is pouring rain. I mean POURING!! And guess who forgot his umbrella in Lugo... the walk to their apartment was miserable. But at least they had an extra for me to use which was nice. It's a pretty nice area up there.


When I came back on the bus on Thursday and got to the station my companion and the member once again arrived late. Instead of trying the whole phone thing again, I went and sat down and a somewhat drunk Polish man started talking to me. Luckily, he spoke Spanish cuz I can manage with Portuguese but Polish- no way. We started talking he had some pretty normal anti mormon questions for me so I answered them. But then it got to the point where he had some deep down Plan of Salvation questions. So while waiting for my comp I was able to teach him the entire Plan of Salvation. He didn't want anything and hopefully he will remember it in the future but it was cool teaching him.

Other than that we worked a lot with some less actives and members this week. We had an activity in the church where we got to teach about member missionary work and were able to get some help from the members with that which was nice.

Hope everyone had a great week. I love you all!

-Elder Stevenson



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