Monday, April 13, 2015

Transfers Chacho


Hello family!

Soooo we got transfers this week and I got transferred. I'm in a place a bit away from Madrid. In fact about 3 hours in a plane. I'm in the Cannary Islands! I'm in a area called Telde on the island of Gran Canaria! I got here an hour ago and I'm super excited! My comp is Elder Bigelow. He is from Rigby, Idaho. He has been out for about 7 months now. I'm no longer zone leader just a normal missionary out here ready to work!

It was really hard to leave Barrio 2 especially since this week was sooo good! We found some good new people. We are working with a lady who used to be less active but lately has reactivated. She is actually our gospel principles teacher. 2 weeks ago she brought a friend to church and we were invited to start teaching her. So we set up a time to eat baleadas (a meal from Honduras) and teach her. We met with They have a ton of interest I hope Elder Hawks can help them get baptized!
We also started working a lot more with a guy named Gabriel. We had met twice before but it was spread out over a couple weeks. But he recently has had a lot more interest and so we have been able to meet more which is good because he has potential. We have invited him to be baptised and he is willing to do it if he feels its true. 

We were in the street quite a bit but were able to find a lot of good people that are interested. The work is starting to pick up again and so it should go well.

We have also been working a lot to help the members with the ward mission plan. None of them had a single clue about it so we are just trying to help out. The ward is really good. One of the best in Madrid but the members just need to work a little harder but if they do it will keep growing.

It was super hard saying bye to the members yesterday. They are all super nice and really like to help out with the work. And they did feed us pretty well. Don't now how I lost 3 more kilos. 

Well I hope everyone had a good week and spring break. Love you all, take care!! Sorry no pictures the drive slot doesn´t work.

-Elder Stevenson

P.S. You may not want to send stuff to the mission office since it's far away. Packages yes keep sending those there but if you are going to send letters send them to me here in Telde, Gran Canaria.

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