Monday, April 27, 2015



Hey family!

We have had a pretty crazy week here in Telde.

First off to explain the title, today in our email we got the mission bulletin. In it was  a letter from President Jackson saying our mission is now an ipad mission! On may 7th as an entire mission we are going to meet in Madrid to be trained on how to use them! So we get to fly back to Madrid next week! Super crazy! It should be interesting! 

Well other than that, we had an amazing week here in Telde! A few really cool miracles. First is what happened on Wednesday. We were passing by some old investigators here and the last one we find is for a guy named Paco.  But it didn't have an address or number so we wondered why it was still there. But on the back we found a description of the man and it said he was always at Parque San Juan. But that park is closed right now so we decided to go walk around the outside of the Parque. We said a prayer just to help us find the man and right as we walk all the way around the park and when we get back to where we started, we see a man that matched the description! He sees us and starts waving so we looked at each other and were like "Yep! It's him!" So we went and sat with him on a bench and started talking.

This is where miracle number 2 starts. While we were talking, a man walked up and said hi to Paco for just a minute then walked away. I literally got to say 5 words to him. Well, Sunday we get to church and he was sitting down right there in the chapel!!! I was stunned! We talked to him and his reason for coming was just that he saw us and he saw Paco was happy to be with us so he wanted that too. We will be meeting with him tonight. His name is Luis.

Then, miracle number 3 happened Sunday as well. Last week a drunk guy stopped us in the street and asked me for my Book of Mormon. I gave it to him with a restoration pamphlet and took his number to meet another day when he wasn't drunk. We tried to meet last Monday but he didn't show up. Anyway, yesterday he called us saying he wants to meet. So we met! and it was really amazing what happened. He has investigated about every church known to man. We sit down and he pulls out the pamphlet and flips to the picture where Peter, James and John are restoring the priesthood. He then says this is the best thing I have ever heard. He was really grateful someone has been given the same priesthood Jesus has. He really wants to start learning more and he will be at church on Sunday.

On Saturday, we were given permission to go to Las Palmas for a stake activity where the youth from all the islands went contacting with the missionaries so they needed our help. We were able to take some of the kids from our branch contacting with us. It turned out really well, they seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Well that has been our week. We are going to have a fun p-day. We are going to check out come caves that are here in Telde then we get to wash the mission cars. None of the areas have cars any more so we need to go wash them so they can sell them. Should be fun.

-Elder Stevenson

P.S. We get to skype on the 10th so what time is church for every one so I can try and pick a good time. Should be easier because I am an hour closer.

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