Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Hello Family!

This week was just an amazing really good week! Even though we only had few days to work but very spiritual and helpful.

On Tuesday, we had a mission leadership counsel at President Jackson's house that was amazing. We talked a lot about becoming Preach My Gospel missionaries and talking to everyone. It was really what our mission needed because we noticed that only about 20% of the mission uses it daily. Even though in the introduction it says use it daily. And then we talked about talking to everyone because it's really not that hard but not everyone does it. I found a quote that was really good it says. "A consecrated missionary leaves all fear on the sacrifitial altar. They talk to everyone. This will be one of the hardest things in the mission field. It often seperates the consecrated missionaries from the good missionaries." It hit Elder Hawks and I hard and so we have been working really hard  at talking with everyone and it has been amazing. A huge blessing to our area so we are just helping others do the same.

The zone training we have Wednesday went really well. We just taught them the same things we learned at President Jackson's house. Then right after I went on a companion exchange to Cuenca, a tiny little city in between Madrid and Valencia. it was a really good one, found a lot of people and saw many Holy Week Processions. 
Holy Week Procession Cuenca Spain
Then right as I get back from Cuenca we did another exchange with the elders in our district. So I wasn´t with my comp for a couple days. But we did get to work together Saturday before going to  General Conference. 

Our investigators are doing well. We got to take Mara on a temple tour while we were there. She is doing very well still. We're just working with the mom. We got to meet with a guy named Gabriel. We met with him about a month ago but due to lots of work haven´t met since then but this week he was free. He is doing well and he really has desires to know if the Book of Mormon is true. He wants to believe it is because he feels it makes sense. 

General Conference was amazing! I really liked Elder Ballard's Talk because I wanted to learn how to take the things I have learned from my mission and use them at home. So I really liked that he talked about magnifying our priesthood duties. Elder Holland's was also amazing as always. Really liked the story he used and how the fall is very important in our eternal progression. I haven´t seen Sunday afternoon yet. I just downloaded it to listen to in the apartment during medio dia so I am excited.

Well hope everyone had a great week. Love you all!

-Elder Stevenson


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